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pistol packing Patricia & Mark ar15 McCloskey adverse possession inter personal injury lawyer ne

they have “touched their weapons” just twice in their 32 years & say the legal concept of “adverse possession” means they own a dispute adjacent Parcel they did not buy, near the pedestrian gate “Private Street” sign & have taken several measures to improve it like removing the sign itself & “regularly prohibited all persons, including Portland Place residents, from crossing & warnings them to stay off such property" since their first year after they purchased a home in 1988 in the same year they challenged a resident at gunpoint at night.
all in a dispute with the trustees of their community.
while the property lines disprove their authority.
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I completely disagree. Sounds like you're just jealous of wealthy and/or successful people. They drew weapons because there was a mob of loud, vulgar, and violent people coming towards their home.

by Patriot Spring 1 month ago

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