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No EMI for Next 3 Months| RBI's Moratorium on EMI's| Credit Card Bill? REPO Rate& CIBIL Score|Telugu

#EMI Details in Telugu #REPO RATE #ఎవరు కట్టనవసరం లేదు #shaktikanta das rbi #Education
No EMI for Next 3 Months | RBI's Moratorium on EMI's | Credit Card Bill? REPO Rate & CIBIL Score | Telugu
RBI announces the moratorium on EMI's on 27 march 2020 due to unprecedented disruption engendered by the Covid-19.
Here we can check the details about the announcement of the reserve bank of India..
Which type of EMI's comes under this rbi moratorium 2020?
is there any impact on CIBIL Score?
what is the REPO rate?
in this video, we come to know about complete details on RBI Moratorium 2020
information is available in the Telugu language taught by Praveen Sir, aired on VyomaDaily
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Vyoma TV photo 1 No EMI for Next 3... Vyoma TV photo 2 No EMI for Next 3... Vyoma TV photo 3 No EMI for Next 3... Vyoma TV photo 4 No EMI for Next 3...

వ్యోమ ఆన్ లైన్ కోర్సులు ఇపుడు 3 నెలలు కాలపరిమితి కి అదనంగా మరో 3 నెలల కాలపరిమితి పూర్తి ఉచితంగా
మొత్తం 6 నెలల వాలిడిటీతో - మీ ముందు కి సరికొత్తగా
రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ కొరకు :
మరియు 70% డిస్కౌంట్ తో ( మర్చి 31 వరకు మాత్రమే )

by Vyoma TV 3 months ago

Sir my small doubt my finance 2021 emi jun complete avuthadi malli naa finance enni months extension avuthadi

by Islavath Raghu 3 months ago

Sir I booked flight through credit card RS 8000/- but not converted in to emi .my payment due
date 4 th April .for this Moratorium apply or not? Pls clarify

by sridhar boga 3 months ago

SBI bank account uses anti..future lo minimum balance tesukuni vastara

by vinay kumar 3 months ago

Already theesukunna loans ki ee repo rate applicable ea na🤔🤔

by Kartheek Goud 3 months ago

Time frame is upto MAY 31st only... Exemption for 3 months including March also.... if I am wrong.. pls correct me

by mahesh Eee 3 months ago

Bro I have loan in IDFC bank(personal loan) and will be auto debit at 2nd every month give me clarity is as amount will debit at 2 nd April or not or else if I didn't maintain any funds in my account late charges and bounce charges and cilbil effect avtada give me clear clarity

by raghu boddu 3 months ago

Super bro బాగా అర్థం అయింది అన్న

by Dhanu Jaya 3 months ago

Sir loan amount freezing lo unadi kadha ipudu mari freezing undadha.ante naa net pay 40000 andulo loan amount 22000 freezing undi 18000 vastay ante ipudu nenu 40000 draw chesukovacha

by VISHNU GURJIGALLA 3 months ago

Brother loan kataledhane penalty vesthunaro yem cheyale,nenu penalty katapothe yem ayethundhe

by Pasupuleti Karunakar rao 3 months ago

Bro already anduru ki emi pay cheyandi Ani mgs lu vastunayai n naku oka bank lo emi vundhi April 2nd due date emi cut ayindhi n sbi nunchi mgs lu vastunayai emi pay cheyandi Ani

by ram myer s 3 months ago

Finance charges done

by Nagesh B 1 month ago

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