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The Odd Number Rule

Vsauce photo 1 The Odd Number Rule Vsauce photo 2 The Odd Number Rule Vsauce photo 3 The Odd Number Rule Vsauce photo 4 The Odd Number Rule

I hate it when person i'm hugging suddenly starts running and yells: "I'm leaving you at a velocity of 2 m/s."

by Arda Canser Adalı 1 week ago

He hasn’t posted in 5 months which is a odd number. He posted on a odd day the 29th of July. Overall a odd video

by jacob hulecki 4 days ago

It feels like Michael is parodying himself in this video

by Sgt Prize 2 days ago

"I wonder how this will tie into the title"

"Lets talk about World War 1"

by Giovanni 336 4 days ago

“the dog who played airbud died in 1998 at the age of 9. . . Let’s talk about World War 1” vsauce 2020

by JULIANTHEBOSS27 1 day ago

That's great Michael has finally remembered his YouTube password

by ashpd101 1 week ago

“Why though? Why are any of us here?”

Michael’s been gone because of his mid-life crisis? Man I feel for you

by Killjoy 11 hours ago

Can someone please give Michael a hug without immediately running away? :(

by Bardockfan150 4 days ago

Michael really is out here teaching us calculus and history just to prove Air Bud shouldn’t have existed

by Jimmyboy 20 hours ago

Its hard to believe this guy is 34. Truly wise beyond his years.

by Aman Singh 17 hours ago

Non of his videos are scripted, it’s all just a long train of thought

by DynamiteD 4 days ago

It's a bit freaky now that Michael is teaching things I've already learnt at school. He must be getting younger.

by Adam Smith 18 hours ago

He is slowly beginning to look more like his true form, Socrates.

by John Andrew 1 week ago

".....pede is feet." A centipede has one hundred legs. Obviously some of the centipede's feet are missing. "The answer was there in front of us all along." For instance, the answer is 42. What was the question?

by Mark Kmiecik 2 days ago

Still doesn't explain how my father still isn't back from buying some soju at the grocery store.

by Jae 1 day ago

My brain: There’s your crush don’t act weird. Me when I approach my crush:

by Silent Protagonist 2 days ago

Colorado, everyone's favorite hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon

by Finlay Hamm 4 days ago

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