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Jake Paul Vs. Gib, Post-Fight Interview [DAZN BOXING]

#Jake Paul Vs Gib #jake paul vs gib highlights #Jake vs gib free live #logan weight in #Gaming
Jake Paul Vs. Gib, Post-Fight Interview [DAZN BOXING]
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Damn I really Voted for gib, but anyways i know for a fact if Jake paul vs KSI happens ksi is KNOCKING THE F*CK out of Jake
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Do y’all think Jake Paul will win against JJ Let me know in the comments below!
Jake Paul’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJp2GELb6KX3l4hSW8tSHoA
Logan Paul’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8rbF3g2AMX70yOd8vqIZg
Ksi’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/KSIOlajidebt
Gibs Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AnEsonGib
Damn that was kinda embarrassing tbh but I hope you guys enjoyed this video
Big thanks to Dazn Boxing for making this happen
None of this footage belongs.
To me all credit goes

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Vacoh photo 1 Jake Paul Vs. Gib, Post-Fight... Vacoh photo 2 Jake Paul Vs. Gib, Post-Fight... Vacoh photo 3 Jake Paul Vs. Gib, Post-Fight... Vacoh photo 4 Jake Paul Vs. Gib, Post-Fight...

In a parallel universe: jake Paul vs Baldski

by KAYDN WH1TE 3 months ago

Babtunde will be victorious

by James 7 months ago

Gib didn’t even look like he trained. He just wanted the money. He looked better against jay swingler. So disappointed

by spencer kent 7 months ago

JJ's reaction to Jake saying he's "A-side" is everything 😂

by Bruh 7 months ago

Surely this fight should be in London now

by Fyrdo 7 months ago

I’m not angry gib lost I’m angry that this clown is gonna be the winner

by Robo 7 months ago

Jake Paul and Joe Weller have both made the same mistake

They have both made Jj fight with anger

by Xolali Dorgbadzi 7 months ago

The fact Logan’s description was “lost by ksi”

by Robo 7 months ago

I was supporting gib but obviously he has the balance of a drunk man. At least we get Ksi v jake

by Klikzyyy 7 months ago

Jake: I’m in love with the sport

*Also Jake back in november after logan lost: “Boxing is Rigged”

by Charlesss F. 7 months ago

jjs mad he’s actually gonna kill jake now

by nocolours 7 months ago

I can understand why jj doesn’t like this because he just had his biggest fight ever only 3 months ago. He thought he could relax for like 5 months but now he has to fight this prick of a man

by Jelloo 7 months ago

Jake knows he has messed up caused He challenged the babatunde.

by Pew Pew 7 months ago

Jake Paul made the biggest mistake ever after claiming he’s gonna beat ksi

by Chaos Headshot 7 months ago

Jake is such a clown I can’t stand him

by Zygarde JS 4 months ago

that look on logan's face tells that his brother just made a huge mistake by challenging ksi

by the Fighter 6 months ago

Fun Fact for the match : Jake bleed in the first round

by Danish Flamingo 7 months ago

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