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Usher - Don't Waste My Time (Official Video) ft. Ella Mai

UsherVEVO photo 1 Usher - Don't Waste My... UsherVEVO photo 2 Usher - Don't Waste My... UsherVEVO photo 3 Usher - Don't Waste My... UsherVEVO photo 4 Usher - Don't Waste My...

lol the song is hot , the video is such a message love it

by SheRaSeven1 2 weeks ago

No nudes
No twerking
No profanity
100% talented people
A video kids, parents and granparents can watch and enjoy

by Suna Lu 3 weeks ago

Can’t stop listening to this song. Usher and Ella Mai did they thing on here

by Angel Spivey 1 month ago

All the women look classy and fine asf. For once video girls wasnt looking and acting like lil thots.

by Ty F 1 month ago

Ella Mai's outfit is giving me "Oh I'm not staying, I just wanted to show my face and see how you were"

by Raheem D 5 months ago

We miss this kinda songs..

by evan dealtimate 1 month ago

just discovered this track today, damn Usher doesn't disappoint

by samantha banda 1 month ago

There's over 7000 dislikes on this song, they must hate themselves!!! This the jam!!!

by Darcell M 2 months ago

I NEEDED TO hear real music again. This new age mumble weird stuff was starting to kill me ... Thank you, my brother, USH...

by munyumba mutwale 3 weeks ago

Please tell me I’m not the only one who appreciated the fact that this video was classy looks like they had fun not to mention it had an old school vibe to it and a jam ready to be played at the cookouts this summer

by Msprettygreyeyes Teamgemini618 5 months ago

Damn haven't heard that sound in years. Has a very Michael Jackson vibe to it... Lovin it.

by JDDeluxe 1 month ago

One thing that I will teach my daughter. You don’t have to be half naked to look or feel beautiful and sexy. You’re beauty is enough you can still look beautiful and sexy with clothes on!

by Cristina Veja 3 weeks ago

We can’t not let this Jam get a Year old in not thank this man for this 🙏🏾🙌🏾 thank you Usher

by BG 7197 Gaming 1 month ago

This song makes me wanna get super clean , spray a lil Versace Eros on and hit them streets 🎶

by Michael Goza 2 months ago

He's bringing back the RNB we like . Good vibes, good energy . Dope song

by Jay Fries 5 months ago

Usher had the summer 2020 party that we could only imagine in our mind...

by quidagis33 2 weeks ago

This song is a whole “Vibe” !!

by preciousamd 1 month ago

Usher looks so good on this video and I like the fact that everyone Vibing and just Fkkn chilling having a good time some people don’t know how to do this anymore 💯💯

by Kalyn Anderson 1 month ago

Usher getting mo and mo handsome the older he gets. Let him get a little salt in that beard. I might have to shoot my shot!

by Kachael Juanita 3 weeks ago

Big ups to Usher having woman with clothes on.. lol

by Blaque Gypsy 5 months ago

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