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Tesla Smart Summon: Does It Actually Work?

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Tesla software 10.0 just dropped and includes a ton of new features like access to Spotify, playing games like Cuphead and the new Smart Summon feature. Smart summon allows the car to come to you on its own depending on where you are. Question is, how well does it work?
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Imagine being asleep in your friends car and the car starts driving without a driver

by Kaleb Mehari 9 months ago

People looking for their car on a parking

Cars looking for their owners on a parking

by NoIdea4Name 7 months ago

โ€œSorry guys I canโ€™t come tonight, my car is still updatingโ€ - Rich people in 2019

by Joshua Lewis 8 months ago

Me: presses summon button

Car: hits 5 kids and 7 cars and still parks 15 feet away from me

by 850 Jayy 8 months ago

Why do i feel like there would be an article titled: Florida man hit by his own Tesla car when using smart summon, and is now suing Tesla.

by ICE0124 7 months ago

If someone says
โ€œHey Siri, summon Teslaโ€

The biggest flex since the AirPods

by E L 9 months ago

If someone steals your phone, will get the car too... ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Miss MEME Chin 8 months ago

Imagine being a boomer and seeing a car driving down the road at your local walmart without a driver

by tsutch34 6 months ago

In America: you summon Teslaโ€™s

In Russia: tesla summons you

by Media Genius 8 months ago

"average consumer"

Owns a top tier Tesla

by Alicer 7 months ago

Imagine 50 teslas trying to find their owner on a parking

by mohamad 8 months ago

When your GPS glitches and your car is suddenly halfway on its way to Santa Clause.

by Alice Peters 6 months ago

Carl didn't have any faith In that car though
He was scared af

by Shaheer Ahmed 7 months ago

โ€œIt looks like a teenager trying to pull outโ€
- bad choice of words

by TheJellyBeanGamer 8 months ago

I really hope the security is impenetrable. Imagine hackers controlling your car?

by RCMJC 7 months ago

This is literally like a blind person moving using only their other senses.

by Rithik Sebastian 7 months ago

imagine sitting in that jeep when the ghost tesla is coming at you

by nossody 8 months ago

Imagine trading 1 minute of walking for 5 minutes of stress praying you car isn't hitting anything.

by Dachief54 6 months ago

"As a person, we don't cross them."
Me: laughs in American

by MissDynoFire 6 months ago

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