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Reacting To Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib

#Boxing #Viddal Riley #AnEsonGib #Deji #Sports
Jake Paul stopped AnEsonGib and called out KSI in Miami. True Geordie and the lads react as it unfolds.
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True Geordie photo 1 Reacting To Jake Paul vs... True Geordie photo 2 Reacting To Jake Paul vs... True Geordie photo 3 Reacting To Jake Paul vs... True Geordie photo 4 Reacting To Jake Paul vs...

I want to get invited to one of Brian’s night with the boys, looks sick

by finished 7 months ago

Shannon Briggs was right all along you do need legs to win a boxing match

by Sami 7 months ago

True Geordie: commentates even with his mates

by Emily Lick 7 months ago

No one:

Gib: Dualshock 4 disconnected

by T J 7 months ago

Gibs legs: aight ima head out

by PJ 7 months ago

Fair play to Jake, everyone said Jake was scared of Gib and proved everyone wrong.

by Alex Raw 7 months ago

“I will knock down this man repeatedly until he is left unconscious” - Gib

Well that aged well.

by James Harris 7 months ago

No one:

True Geordie: vaping intensifies

by Danny Aarons 7 months ago

Ksi will have to train differently against jake, because Unlike Logan, jake is dangerous, the fight between jake and ksi has always interested me more than Logan and ksi, but all I have to say is; this version of jake would’ve beat the ksi that fought Logan,

by Youngdon Thesauceking 7 months ago

Anyone else feel like they are present when Brian and the lads are having a drink and watching a match or fight? Probably the only friends I have and they don't even know es lmao

by AJGaming 7 months ago

Damn watching this makes me wish Geordie was doing the commentary, there's so much life in his words!. DAZN gotta get him on board for Jake v JJ!

by Ponz 7 months ago

Geordie spot on with the prediction

by GVBRIEL 7 months ago

Yo True Geordie just saw into the future and described exactly what happened. What a beast!

by Psifo 7 months ago

No wonder gib lost. He’s watching it with you. 🤣🤣

by Alfie Carter 7 months ago

No one:

Lawrence predicting completely wrong

by Ben Sheoherd 7 months ago

Geordie is like that one annoying sports fan next to you that just shouts to himself the whole game. And I love it 😂😂😂

by Brandon Adam 7 months ago

I would definitely pay 10 pounds a month to see Laurence in swimshorts.

by Daniel Ferreira 7 months ago

Stop giving gib credit. Yes he is smaller but he forced Jake to fight. Jake didn’t want to...

by ROCK ROAR 7 months ago

Never normal for a dad to be cool with his daughter becoming a pornstar, that guy is a strange kid

by Finn Redmond 7 months ago

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