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How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast Using Velocity Banking | How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years

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In this video, I’ll show you how to pay off your mortgage fast using velocity banking. This is exactly how you can pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years!
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Translated titles:
Cómo pagar su hipoteca rápidamente utilizando Velocity Banking | Cómo pagar su hipoteca en 5-7 a

So zahlen Sie Ihre Hypothek schnell mit Velocity Banking aus | So zahlen Sie Ihre Hypothek in 5-7 Ja

Comment rembourser rapidement votre prêt hypothécaire à l'aide de Velocity Banking | Comment remb

Como pagar sua hipoteca rapidamente usando o Velocity Banking | Como pagar sua hipoteca em 5-7 anos

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#velocity banking explained #how to pay off your mortgage in 5 - 7 years #velocity banking #how to pay off your mortgage early #how to pay off your mortgage faster #how to pay off 30 year mortgage in 5 years #the fastest way to pay off a mortgage #velocity banking mike adams #how to pay off your mortgage #how to pay off your mortgage in 5 years #think wealthy

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Mike this was an excellent presentation! I was throughly impressed by the way you literally broke this strategy down "Barney" style. I've been researching Velocity banking for quite some time now, and this video is by far one of the best I've seen out here in this YouTube world. What I can't believe is that this has less than 12,000 views! Maybe it's the length of the video, but this thing is gold in my eyes. Awesome PowerPoint presentation; I know that took some time to create. I'm going to get this strategy going...I'm going to pull the trigger on this bad boy! Amazing work amigo!

by Sergio Gonzales 1 year ago

paid mine off in less than 3 years, (By time I was 35) just by saving and being religious about making regular monthly over repayments so the total amount owing would reduce every month too - its an incredible feeling to have that millstone off your neck

by Cumbrian Homestead 2 months ago

This video feels like someone trying to sell a timeshare.

by Menlo Menlo 5 months ago

thank you for ur clear, calm & encouraging info! ended up here bec of ur comment in another channel!! Im glad u spoke up & called them out (respectfully) on their misinfo! and thanks for placing ur videolink there!

by 3ranchview 6 months ago

How is this different than just putting the $2000 extra cashflow straight into your mortgage.. and you don’t have to pay the 21% interest

by Cassie Z 1 month ago

I’m 43 and just learned more in this 41 min then I ever did from any other video, vlog, instructor or what have you.

by Angry HD 7 months ago

Good God Blessed You for Your Generousity & Wisdom! ♥️🌷🕯

by Toma Hawk 2 months ago

Everything makes sense, the only part I am confused about is how do you pay your mortgage with a credit card? When I contacted the bank they said you cannot pay credit with credit.

by Ryan Martinez 2 months ago

That is amazing. Thank you so much for the info. Well done.

by Louis 2 months ago

Excellent, easy to learn presentation. Thank you.

by Jose R. Freytes 5 months ago

Mike, thank you for much for this info! I plan to get a mortgage soon and you just saved me about 20yrs.. you are the man!

by Jose JL 4 months ago

Best Income saving Lesson learned in my life, thanks Mike for sharing!

by Anne Mwai 3 weeks ago

Excellent info. Been using these LOC leverage strategies for years. This stuff should be taught in school. Thanks!

by Gregory Saucier 2 years ago

this is the best explanation on YouTube. thank you.
let's say you have 100k equity and 230k owed, should you stick with a 15k heloc or larger? and you still have 5k/month income

by Route5nMotive 4 months ago

Thanks Mike Adams explain use of revolving credit in plain English and sounding like Bossman Barack Obama

by Nalin Ariyawansa 5 months ago

I learned more today than in 4 years in college! Thank you. It's never too late to learn & put to practice. Thanks so much!

by M. Bernal 4 months ago

I understand how this could work to some degree, however, some mortgage companies will not take checks from a loc and definitely not a credit card. In one of these comments a person was having this problem because banks are catching on to what people are doing. This person stated he had to write himself a check and put it in his bank and then send the payment to the mortgage company. Make sure you check it out before you go diving into this. I dont owe much on my mortgage and have ben trying to figure out how to pay it off quickly. I may check this out further.

by Cathy Andresiak 2 months ago

Does the Line Of Credit have to be a HELOC? I have seen this same illustration several times and almost all of them say to use a HELOC. But in the beginning of your illustration to pay down the original 200K mortgage is your example using a Credit Card or a HELOC?

by Scarlett 1 day ago

Haa!!goodness o my...thank you so much. Loving this knowledge...shrewd mindset indeed.onto it to pay off that mortgage itch

by Mai WaShe His'!! 2 months ago

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