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Kobe Bryant Talks Nike, Lil' Wayne & LeBron James With the.LIFE Files!

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LIVE from the legendary L.A. Forum and former locker room to greats such as Magic Johnson, Shaq and Wilt Chamberlain, Javid sits down with Kobe Bryant after the global press introduction for his new sneaker. In this clip Kobe talks about how soccer was actually the inspiration for his latest basketball shoe, why Lil' Wayne is his favorite rapper and tells us how the deal came together for the Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watch line which ranges from $25,000 - $285,000. Oh yeah, he also says who would win a one on one between him and the NBA's other phenom Lebron James...

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RIP Kobe Bryant legends hang with legends. The best at their crafts for sure in the same time period

by omglawton 7 months ago

I love Kobe's confidence. He KNOWS he can beat Lebron one-on-one any time. Lebron will just run to hide behind Wade in Miami.

by MisSeductive 9 years ago

"i'm winning!" lol Kobe is the truth! and he is correct!

by FreakSquadEnt5 7 years ago

kingggggggggggg 5 ringgggggggggggggggggggg

by Bosna Buric 8 years ago

Just finished watching Miami beat the Spurs in Game 2.

by Kourtney Dixon 7 years ago

That's Bone Collector on the court in the purple?

by Delight Zaire 7 years ago

programmed...thats lebron son

by viahoal 7 years ago

Lebron wouldn't win . Lebrons a team player Kobe grew up playing 1 on 1's . He gets double teamed and still makes incredible shots . The reason Lebron is so great is cuz he makes his team better and that's his best asset which is a great one to have ! They are both winners but Kobe is a killer .

by GoodMood 4 years ago

What's the name of that lil wayne song?

by G 8 years ago

lebrons 6'8" 250lbs, kobe cant guard him 1 on 1, lets get real people.. yeah kobes the truth and he is the best laker to live and one of the best two spots in the league. but really? lebron is another breed of player who uses strength, speed, athleticism. comparted to kobes fadeaway jumpers and unbelievable touch. itd be a great game to watch but an unfair match up for kobe. plus he's only got a .6 knees

by Jason Lee 7 years ago

along with wat i was saying...im not saying Kobes not great because of course he is but im saying LeBron is great as well

by Trae187dezzie 8 years ago

the best basketball player is a fan of the best rapper How Odd and the best rapper is a fan of the best basketball player.

by Corbin Wells 8 years ago

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