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The Try Guys Read Mean & Thirsty YouTube Comments

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You guys are honestly TOO kind! Drop your favorite comment, from the comments, about a comment below!.
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to the person who said zach is unlikable for his anxiety: i hope you walk on a world of legos for the rest of your life.

by crayjoy 1 month ago

2035 Wes: Uncle Eugene, pick me up, I'm drunk, don't tell my parents
Eugene: Dude, who do you think threw this party?

by Ili They/Them 1 month ago

Zach is sooo underrated, he just roasted himself a lot better than we could and his non toxic masculinity is some real talk right there

by lizvet treviño 1 month ago

The way Eugene said “that was a kid huh?” Made me tear up, he’s honestly just so pure

by stella owens 1 month ago

Eugene being physically uncomfortable with the sweet section is honestly a mood. Taking a compliment is surprisingly hard

by Fandom Fanatic 3 weeks ago

This is where Zach’s and Eugene’s self insecurities show. You can tell Ned and Keith are bothered by the mean comments, but Zach and Eugene kinda shrugs them off because both of them are actually harder on themselves.

by WaltZ015 3 weeks ago

that "I'm almost 13!" one had me on the floor screaming

by finian slater 1 month ago

you can't spell denial without den, which is ned backwards

by tanisha 3 weeks ago

Honestly, everyone deserves nice comments so here you go.
Keith - probably the funniest try guy in my opinion. Whenever I’m sad, Keith is the one that always seems to make me laugh. I rarely see him down, which is really great because I bet it helps lots of people to see someone like that. And honestly, I never even noticed the chewing sounds.
Ned - a truly underrated try guy. Like Eugene said in the surprise valentines video, he’s a very good role model. He is athletic, smart, funny, and very caring towards his friends, fans, and family. You’re gonna be a great dad, Ned.
Eugene - a big role model to young lgbtq+ people watching. The dance you did was so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Also, I can tell he’s trying to break the “perfect Eugene” mold, which I know is tough to do. He almost seems relieved when he doesn’t get first place in the competitions, because he’s known as the “perfect one”, I guess. No one is perfect, eugene. Respect to you.
Zach - the try guy I relate to the most. Health problems and depression/anxiety are issues many viewers (and people) deal with and honestly it surprised me at first to hear that someone so funny, bubbly and influential had gone through stuff like that. Also he’s such a great speaker! I’ve watched the secret girlfriend video so many times. You are so inspiring, Zach.
All of the try guys make me realize that “celebrities” like them are people and have lives outside of the screen too.

by Adi 4 weeks ago

Ned: Denying everything
Keith: Accepting everything
Eugene: Deflects everything
Zach: roasts himself because everyone is too nice

by Death Omen 1 month ago

That 13 year old child probably doesn’t realize that Zach is turning 30 this year😂😂

by Kaitlyn 3 weeks ago

“I wanted the fun thirsty not the illegal thirsty” OMFG LOL 😂

by Blue Oak 4 weeks ago

Zack: the nice guy no one has a crush on but they all regret it later in life and tell him they secretly liked him all along

Keith: the funny guy no one has a crush on until the rumour about his huge 🍆 spreads throughout the school

Eugene: the one EVERYONE has a crush on but he’s always emotionally unavailable or dating someone secretly

Ned: the one all the girls say is their “best friend” but come back to in middle age thirsty AF because they realise he’s a keeper

by Abbiedesu 4 weeks ago

Anyone else notice that the post actually said; “Wendy’s FIRES are awesome.” We can assume it’s a typo....but what if it isn’t? Who is Wendy and how does she make such wonderful fires?

by Norm Rayos 3 weeks ago

i didn’t see a lot of “sweet” comments for keith in the video, so i wanted to say that keith truly is the epitome of positivity. he inspires me to believe in myself and stay positive, because everyday is a new start. he’s always reminding the other guys how special they are (especially eugene) ((could also be vise versa)). the way he’s so comfortable being himself n his comfortability in his sexuality that he can make jokes about things that would be considered “homo” inspires everyone around him to take pride in who they are. so thank you keith, for being the light this world needs!!! <3

by hareem riaz 1 month ago

miles is so freaking iconic. like literally 5 seconds after he’s introduced- “welcome to the burn zone BITCH”.

by Lola Howard-Simpson 1 month ago

The way Eugene said "That was a kid huh?" OKAY when I tell you I've never cried so much. Eugene is literally the best person ever and he's so pure. AND THATS ON PERIOTTT. Change my mind. Bet you can't.

by Hadyn Rye 3 weeks ago

Keith missed a huge opportunity on the fry roast. He could have said "I do not want to lick your balls if they taste as bland as Wendy's fries."

by Umut Mesci 2 weeks ago

Eugene literally just adopted this dog and he’s already sleeping on his lap? What a great boy!

by The Metallic Turtle 1 month ago

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