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The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Trevor Noah, DJ D-Nice)

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Jimmy Fallon shouts out a new charity with Trevor Noah via video chat in another Tonight Show home edition. Tonight, Jimmy invites D-Nice to his #stayhome festivities fresh off the DJ's own epic virtual dance parties and tells coronavirus to Go On, Git.
Jimmy is highlighting a different charity each night that you can donate to and help those in need. Tonight's charity, No Kid Hungry, is providing critical assistance to schools and community groups across the country to help feed the 22 million children who are losing access to the free school meals they rely on as the coronavirus closes schools nationwide. To donate directly to No Kid Hungry, visit https://www.nokidhungry.org/.
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The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Trevor Noah, DJ D-Nice)

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Jimmy's wife needs to be the first one interviewed when the show gets back to being normal so we can hear her side of quarantine life with Jimmy as the best camera lady of the apocalypse! Her zoom action on the boot was pro!

by Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández 3 months ago

Jimmy Fallon needs to do a full house tour. Right now I'm convinced he lives in a playhouses for kids with themed rooms.

by Sonja Breker 3 months ago

Trevor Noah! “Have you been kidnapped?” ... “who are your guests ...hunters?” Hahaha

by Michelle P 3 months ago

“If coronavirus was zombies, we wouldn’t be acting like this...” 😂

by desertrose0601 3 months ago

I love Trevor Noah! He's so.authentic. you can see Jimmy feels ease with.him.and not as an Interviewer but more like.buddies.

by Adriana B. 3 months ago

Am I the only one who is actually thoroughly enjoying all these at home talk shows, they're so genuine and the hosts look so comfortable at home!

by Eoghan O'Carroll 3 months ago

Me trying to understand how I'm not married to Trevor Noah yet. Lol this man spoke to my soul when he said his life hasn't changed.😂 Me neither! Lol

by Sika Love 3 months ago

Hey Jimmy and Trevor, you aren't telling jokes with no laughter- you just cant hear us! Keep your morale up. Its gonna be okay

by Shewhomustnotbenamed 1031 3 months ago

i love trevor . he is everything this world needs right now

by Kiss Sabrina 3 months ago

What Corona taught us = Jimmy is actually a decent host when he doesn't have an audience.

by Natalie Kendel 3 months ago

Watching him being the only one to laugh at his jokes is the cutest

by monkee 3 months ago

I think "comedians being forced to perform without an audience" is my new favorite genre. it is infinitely more awkward and to some extent, funnier

by thangerstrings 3 months ago

Trevor , even when giving us bad news, he does it in a way, that gives me some calm. He has a comforting way of

by Sally Morris 3 months ago

Honestly.. these shows are way better. I'm loving the at home shows.

by LeezPgh 3 months ago

The Tonight Show: At Home Edition is like a young child starting a YouTube channel for the first time, and the camera operator is the mother.

by Owen S. 3 months ago

I love that Jimmy’s wife is dead pan silent and never laughs.

by mikea hiooi 3 months ago

I agree with trevor, everyone's going on about how insane theyre going having to stay at home and half the internet is like, business as usual....

by R4- P17 3 months ago

This virus has made YouTubers out of everyone.

by Águila701 3 months ago

You should do a house tour. You have a slide and a room with a huge tree painted on the wall. I wonder what else you have.

by Humzah Ahmed 3 months ago

the production value is really coming together jimmy

by Rebecca Jordan 3 months ago

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