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PM Boris Johnson sounds upbeat and well in his latest video despite suffering from coronavirus

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The Prime Minister sounds well and upbeat in thanking the nation for their efforts in the coronavirus pandemic. He post a video statement from home in quarantine..
The PM, 55, broke the news he had tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday, after experiencing mild symptoms of a cough and fever. He said he will continue to work from home. Boris Johnson became the first world leader to have a confirmed case of coronavirus.
In his statement, he contradicted Tory PM Margaret Thatcher who once said 'there was no such thing as society'.
Closing the video, Boris Johnson said: "One thing I think the coronavirus crisis has proved is that there really is such a thing as society."
The PM will remain in self-isolation in his No11 flat for at least seven days.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock also tested positive for Covid-19 and government medical advisor Chris Whitty is also self-isolating after being in close contact with both ministers.
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Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus
Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock BOTH test positive for coronavirus and in self-isolation
Cop shouts ‘you’re killing people’ at man claiming to have coronavirus in the street
People who cough at police or NHS staff could face a year in jail, cops warn
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The Sun photo 1 PM Boris Johnson sounds upbeat... The Sun photo 2 PM Boris Johnson sounds upbeat... The Sun photo 3 PM Boris Johnson sounds upbeat... The Sun photo 4 PM Boris Johnson sounds upbeat...

boris be throwing out snapchat filters next

by Andy Bennett 22 hours ago

Our NHS staff are the best they have put them self's in harms way to look after people with the virus I'm so proud and thankful that our doctors and nurses are doing such a wonderful job for every one stay in stay safe

by Wendy Mudkins 22 hours ago

Look after yourself Boris!! Everyone, lets do this to get through it as best and fast as we can, sit on our couches, feet up, watching TV SAVING LIVES - God bless all front line staff and everyone helping out - take care everyone !!! x

by 73egg 22 hours ago

For now Boris, for now there's still a society. We'll see where we are in six months.

by Justin Marion 19 hours ago

I’d watch a boris vlogs video 😂

by Josh Lydiard 22 hours ago

Go to bed, Prime Minister. Take care of yourself!!

by Susan Theobald 21 hours ago

You can tell he doesn't look or feel great here.

by R KC 21 hours ago

Get well soon. Hope this Virus goes away.

by Louise Deigan 22 hours ago

Ok Mr Prime Minister , I just want to say, I appreciate these enthsiastic, detailed & fact based updates, & once covid 19 is over, & we're all back to normal, I'm hoping I can continue to look forward to the same level of interaction / updates from yourself & the rest of the team . I'm feeling this 'everyone matters vibe '. Thankyou

by S A 20 hours ago

Stay at home.
Get some rest.
Keep hydrated.

All the best from
Northern Ireland

by Una Discamus 22 hours ago

Where's david cameron these days, aren't we all in this together?

by Mandarin Duck 21 hours ago


by Sajid Mughal 22 hours ago

I want to see my girlfriend and baby boy again , at the moment I’m on lockdown hundreds of miles away. Let’s win this battle , go Boris 💪

by Rob Smith 22 hours ago

The NHS are amazing to the ones we already had and to those of you that have come out of retirement I bow 🙇‍♂️ to you all GOD BLESS and thank you from us ALL

by Otis Trayers 22 hours ago

how long till he asks us to subscribe and hit the bell

by Joe Bond 21 hours ago

Well done Boris!... get well soon, ignore the bed wetting Lefties trying to score points and then crack-on with Brexit.

by Big chief running sores 12 hours ago

Can someone tell the prime minister to drink warm apple cider vinegar with lemon, ginger and honey before bed time. It’s gives you some relief.

by Kate.C 22 hours ago

Funny.. he doesn't look very ill.

by -TRELLION- 21 hours ago

Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

by frost iscold 22 hours ago

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