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Umbrella Academy S2, Ep 5 REACTION:

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by The Reel Rejects 1 month ago

"he can just get in the car" five actually likes vanya and respects her space which is very sweet

by Reena Reynolds 1 month ago

I found Diego’s interaction with Grace especially touching. If I remember correctly she’s the one who helped him with his confidence and stuttering. It always tugs at my heart strings whenever he’s vulnerable like that.

by just fresh 1 month ago

It's funny that Diego keeps trying to save JFK, yet his own brother , #5, fails to mention that he was on the grassy knoll to make sure Kennedy died.

by Daniel Dunlap 1 month ago

Technically Vanya can drain life force and give life force as we see in this episode

by Dean Joyner 1 month ago

"DONT WORRY... SHE'LL BE DEAD IN 7 DAYS. HELL, WE'LL ALL BE..." the trip be like that sometimes😂😂

by Subtract Reactions 1 month ago

Love this. :) In regards to Harlen, he probably wasn't intentionally trying to drown. There's a currently not understood but statistically relevant propensity for autistic kids to be drawn to water. To the point where police procedures for searches for missing kids on the autism spectrum advise officers to check all nearby bodies of water.

by sideworld 1 month ago

the thing about claire, allison's daughter, is that 1) it's been 2 years since allison traveled back in time so her grief isn't so immediate, and 2) claire hasn't even been born, technically.

by Questionable Life Choices 1 month ago

The whole of season one and this season has only spanned over 14 days from Fives perspective. That's why he hasn't changed. It's been continuous for him

by •slimjimmy• 1 month ago

Why is the sound sometimes cutting out after the reaction when u guys summarize the episode?

by Kamil Pálka 1 month ago

Sound is too low and can't tell what you're laughing at half the time.

by Lisa 1 month ago

I love this reaction so much! I binged this season and it was absolutely amazing! can't wait for the next episode reaction

by Nicole Worley 1 month ago

I just got my mom into this show and she has SOOOOOO many questions and every time she asks a question I’m just like: “It’s explained”

by Bathroom Boyz 1 month ago

This was one of my favorite episodes. I loved Vanya saving the Harlan. I loved the fight scene with Five and Diego. I loved when Five spoke to His dad in ancient Greek. So much emotion there. But my favorite moment, Diego seeing Grace. That made me quite emotional.

by Alba Talie Phillips 1 month ago

Greg, I don't know how many times I'm gonna say this, but thank you man. This show this season is not only fantastic, you're giving us content during a difficult and honestly terrible time for everyone. Keep em coming, I'mma keep liking

I'm fucking dying hahahaha

by liuleisawesome 1 month ago

Greg killed me when he said “RUB” 😂😂😂

by Reese_ Zero 1 month ago

“My name is Inigo montoya.. u killed my father prepare to die”

by Tripz Tristan 1 month ago

there is an audio gap from to , any idea why?

by Abhinav Misra 1 month ago

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