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Film Theory: The Avenger That RUINED Dark Phoenix!

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The latest movie in the X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix, came out in a blaze of... well, not glory. This movie got HORRIBLE reviews - critics and fans alike were NOT here for Jean Grey's big fiery moment. Why was that? Why did this movie do so EPICALLY bad? Well, that's actually on Marvel itself. Oh, I don't mean Marvel Fox - I'm talking Marvel DISNEY and it's cast of Avengers. Specifically, one single Avenger that caused Dark Phoenix to FAIL!.
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Credits, Writer: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart.
Editors: BanditRants and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
Sources, https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/dark_phoenix

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The Film Theorists photo 1 Film Theory: The Avenger That... The Film Theorists photo 2 Film Theory: The Avenger That... The Film Theorists photo 3 Film Theory: The Avenger That... The Film Theorists photo 4 Film Theory: The Avenger That...

Dark Phoenix and Fox: "Disney, brother, help me!"
Disney stabs their hands!

Disney:"Long Live the King!"

by Christopher Castillo 1 year ago

I remember when Shazam use to be called “Captain Marvel”

by Alonso Lupercio 1 year ago

I’m starting to think MatPat doesn’t like Disney...

by The Silver Shroom 8 months ago

Why did Captain Marvel perform better? Infinity Wars, period.

by Nathan Bozile 1 year ago

I would've liked it if there was more Quicksilver

by Rayshawn Myers 1 year ago

Hey matpat I have a suggestion because you enjoy killing childhood dreams so much

How much chocolate will it take to kill Clifford the big red dog

Holy crap I did not expect this

by Hakiriana Scarbrough 1 year ago

"If at first you don't succeed... sell, sell, sell to Disney!!!" Dude legit the mouse owns lucasfilm, marvel, fox, and so many other franchises that wanted or needed their money (pixar sort of co-owns). This stuff is crazy

by Blubberface 23 10 months ago

My 1st thought when I see an X in a circle like that, is "The X Files"

by Dynamo duck 1 year ago

My issue with Dark Phoenix is making the enemy of a conclusion to a decades spanning series be some aliens we never heard of before.

by Tyrant-Den 1 year ago

Disney also has to learn they can't freaking OWN LITERALLY EVERYTHING >:T

by ShadowWolfWarrior 1 year ago

It’s true , Disney was supposed to be a friendly angel not a monster of massive and powerful control

by James W 1 year ago

to made meh laugh

Mat pat: “They’re the same frickin aliens aren’t they”

Other mat pat: “Yup!”

That made me laugh lol

by Kalthida Unknown :D 1 year ago

Hey matpat, I just finished watching “Spider-Man far from
Home” and I would like to see some sort of theory on the movie if possible. Thanks!

by Isaak Misghina 1 year ago

But, there is another problem...

There’s another Ms. Marvel.

by a 1 year ago

Plot twist: this video is actually being made by a skrull while matpat is on vacation in a simulation

by Monkey Scream 1 year ago

Hey MatPat! Could you do a theory on “The Office” about the Scranton Strangler? Some people think it was Toby. Love your videos!

by Caraline Sommer 1 year ago

Me: hears Carol Danvers
tries not to think about Kara Danvers from Supergirl

by Daniel Eccles 4 months ago

It’s a shame they sacrificed an amazing character like Jean Grey, for Carol Danvers. Not saying Captain Marvel isn’t equally cool, but I don’t know there’s just something about Jean Grey that I love way more. There’s no chance she’ll be in the MCU because fox literally destroyed the dark Phoenix saga...twice.

by Sims Fairytale Classics 3 months ago

20 years later:
Me: I can't wait to see The justice leagues fight the avengers
Friend: Yeah who would've thought this would happen
MatPat: I should've seen this coming

by Evcorp Vlogs 7 months ago

Thanos: I am inevitable

Jean: I’m better than u

Tony Stark: I am iron man

Mickey Mouse: I own you.

And I, am dead.

by Yukari 2008 1 year ago

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