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Film Theory: Did Flash SPOIL Spiderman's Next Villain?

#sinister six #spider man 3 #mysterio theory #film theory spiderman #Film & Animation
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Spider-Man: Far From Home held its own against the post-Endgame fan expectations, partially because of its solid villain - Mysterio. This super charlatan turned Peter Parker's life on its head and possibly set the stage for a BIG reveal in Spider-Man 3! You see, when I went to see the movie I started noticing some clues and I think I've figured out who the next big bad (or big BADS) are going to be!.
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#SpiderMan #Mysterio #SinisterSix #Marvel #Avengers #MarvelTheory #Theory #FilmTheory #Matpat
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Credits, Writer: Stephanie Patrick.
Researcher: Zach Stewart.
Editors: BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
Sources, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinister_Six

#spider-man #spider man #film theorists #spiderman 3 #avengers theory #spiderman #sinister 6 #spiderman far from home #far from home #mysterio #marvel #film theory #spider man far from home #matpat #spiderman trailer #film theory spider man #avengers

The Film Theorists photo 1 Film Theory: Did Flash SPOIL... The Film Theorists photo 2 Film Theory: Did Flash SPOIL... The Film Theorists photo 3 Film Theory: Did Flash SPOIL... The Film Theorists photo 4 Film Theory: Did Flash SPOIL...

Ripping off Pitch Meetings is TIGHT!

by Screen Rant 1 year ago

"Spiderman: homeless" where spiderman is homeless. Nothing more, nothing less.

by Piotr Dudek 1 year ago

MatPat: makes a theory
Marvel: "okay, time to change the script guys."

by Duwon Htu Bu 3 months ago

Spiderman: Stay at Home. spidey relaxes a bit while protected from the biggest villain, Coronavirus

by Luciano 1 month ago

How about this: “Spider-Man Homer Simpson” where Spider-Man is Homer Simpson and that’s about it.

by Xtreme 3 weeks ago

The real question here is who's going to say "WHAT THE FU-" in Spider-Man 3

by Harshith Ganji 1 month ago

You: “Sinister Six”

Me, an intellectual: “The Boys”

by AmandaIsNotAPanda 1 year ago

I dont know why, but I feel like prowler has a better chance of being in the sinister six than flash being the green goblin.

by Soham Chandra 1 week ago

He says that Green Goblin is in most versions of the sinister six instead of doc ock? In a lot of versions doc ock creates the group!

by Marvel3000Reviews 3 weeks ago

Given todays climate, it'll be called Spider-Man: Home Schooled

by Duff 2 months ago

Theory:Peter is gonna have his tony moment where he is like “I am Spider-Man”

by Jirrard Ferrer 1 month ago

Tom Holland punching air right now because he didn't get to spoil the next movie

by JC Cross 1 year ago

Spider man: homebody

Where he finally gets his real estate license

by Omar Espinoza 1 week ago

Morbius: Im about to ruin this mans theory

by Joshua Brown 2 months ago

Easy explanation for how Beck is still alive.

All Peter asked Edith was “is this real?” And she responded with “there are no more drones active”. It’s not like the dude couldn’t have just been playing dead. In fact, he’s quite famous in the comics for doing EXPLICITLY that. 🤨

Also, the original Shocker in Homecoming is suppose to be Montana of the Enforcers, who in the Spectacular Spider-man cartoon also went on to become the Shocker. Toomes kills him and gives his gauntlet to Herman Schultz, the Shocker from virtually every other iteration of the character.

by theGreenGoblin 3 months ago

"Spiderman: Homestuck" where Peter Parker plays a game which destroys his universe while simultaneously creating a new one

by heck me 3 months ago

Just imagine Flash’s face when Mysterio reveled Peter is Spiderman...

by Amelia Urie 1 year ago

Matpat: says something in the first few seconds if video
Me: "OK that's true"

by Elks Animations 1 week ago

Where’s “Spider-Man: Stock Home Syndrome” ? Come on MatPat

by Shine Snake 21 hours ago

Because of Quarantine, the next one should be Home Schooled

by Science 101 2 months ago

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