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SPICY DIPPING Hotpot, BEER RAMEN & Richmond Night Market in Vancouver Canada

#hotpot #beer ramen #vancouver night market #richmond night market #Travel & Events
Perks of living in Seattle is being able to drive to Vancouver, Canada! On this food adventure, we're going to eat some authentic Cantonese breakfast. Then Leenda will be joining me for some spicy dipping hotpot, beer ramen, and later we'll be heading out to the Richmond night market..
#vancouver #hotpot #beerramen
Restaurants, ✧ Lido Restaurant
✧ Yuan’s Hot Pot Richmond
Aberdeen Centre, 4151 Hazelbridge Way #2792, #2F, Richmond, BC V6X 4J7, Canada
✧ Yuu Japanese Tapas
✧ Richmond Night Market
8351 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1Y4, Canada
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Strictly Dumpling photo 1 SPICY DIPPING Hotpot, BEER RAMEN... Strictly Dumpling photo 2 SPICY DIPPING Hotpot, BEER RAMEN... Strictly Dumpling photo 3 SPICY DIPPING Hotpot, BEER RAMEN... Strictly Dumpling photo 4 SPICY DIPPING Hotpot, BEER RAMEN...

I love how every time there's a female, the comment section's ovaries explode trying to see Mike married 😂

by Danielle Hollis 11 months ago

Leenda, "I don't know how to eat nicely..."
Mikey, "You don't have to eat nicely around me."
I ship it.

by Ahna Marie 11 months ago

This whole video felt like an awkward first date between them two haha

by Brandon Um 11 months ago

Mike : “Welcome to Seattle!”
Me : omfg he’s in town omfg
Mike : “I’m on my way to Vancouver”
Me : -_-

by E C 11 months ago

“There’s no reason why two things that are so independently beautiful on its own can’t be beautiful together”

Still talking about the food Mike? ;)

by Jennifer Jen 11 months ago

man when Mikey made the wasabi joke I was like "ohhh nooooo" then she made the "fishy" joke and I was like okay they're both weird lol

by Genecuisine 2 months ago

Livinggg for the awkward flirty tension in this video

by masiat jahin anon 11 months ago

Why do I feel like mike is flirting with her😂😂😂

by Sar Htoo 11 months ago

Mike is like me with my mom, "I'm gonna meet some friends" -> meets with one girl

by Pixx Gokou 11 months ago

How many "five years off your life" foods has Mikey eaten? 😂😂😂

by Ken Yoshida 11 months ago

"Bad jokes live on my channel." Mike. That's why we are here.

by GunLovingLiberal 11 months ago

You rarely see Mike trying to flirt on screen this hard 😂 get it boy!

by YI GAO 11 months ago

Do people here realize Leenda is a YouTuber too?

by DevilFruit369 11 months ago

“Don’t need to eat nicely around me” 😂.

by Amy Sim 11 months ago

Thought he gonna ask her to marry him after her “Yes I do” with hot pot :)))

by Long Nguyen 11 months ago

casually "I'm just going to pull out the wing"

by christina shaw 11 months ago

This felt like a date I went on once. The kind of date where she tells you how great of a guy you are and so nice and then ghosts you.

by Chris 11 months ago

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