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RAINBOW NOODLES, Seafood BREAKFAST & Most Beautiful NIGHT MARKET in Sukhothai Thailand

#thailand street food #thai noodles #night market thailand #night market #Travel & Events
My second day in Thailand was another full packed fun food day. First thing in the morning, I went to give food to the monks and ate some quick breakfast at a local morning market. After that, I went to go bike around the Sukhothai park then went to make some Buddha amulets. For lunch, I ate some rainbow noodles and then for some sweet sugar noodles. To end my night, I went to the most beautiful night market in Thailand.
#thailand #sukhothai #nightmarket
The places I went to, โœง Khao Perp Yai Krieng
โœง Si Satchanalai historical park
Si Satchanalai District, Sukhothai 64130, Thailand
โœง Jae hair Sukhothai Noodles
Moo.12 ,Jarodvithithong Road 6/10 Bankluay Mueang, Sukhothai 64000, Thailand
โœง Sukhothai Night Market
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Strictly Dumpling photo 1 RAINBOW NOODLES, Seafood BREAKFAST &... Strictly Dumpling photo 2 RAINBOW NOODLES, Seafood BREAKFAST &... Strictly Dumpling photo 3 RAINBOW NOODLES, Seafood BREAKFAST &... Strictly Dumpling photo 4 RAINBOW NOODLES, Seafood BREAKFAST &...

I can't afford to travel like this. After a stressful day at work...watching these videos makes me so happy and relaxed. Thanks Mike

by ASOTpewpew 10 months ago

Yay just what I needed to brighten up my night and my son's he is special needs and loves watching your videos and it has actually caused him to try more food

by Amanda Mainr 10 months ago

I'm worried about this dude, someone is gonna find him on the floor with amazing food around him with large smile on his face in a food coma lol

by StarryDynamo7079 10 months ago

I was an exchange student 10 years ago in Sukhothai. I am so happy you represented this area to more people. Keep on doing ... eh wait ...eating your way through the world of deliciousness. Love from Germany

by Gamestyle 10 months ago

I think this episode i have enjoyed the most, because you got more hands on with the cultural experience and the music was matched perfect for what was going on, and just Great Job Mike!

by Gabriel Fraser 10 months ago

"Stick soup doesn't work." This man is so wise

by Texsama 10 months ago

Me: about to start packing as I am moving house, desperately wanting to avoid it..
Mikey: uploads video
Me: the gods have listened

by Tania Rose 10 months ago

"I feel like I need something in this"

Hot Oil/Chili Powder: Here we go again.

by Mr. J 10 months ago

This EP made me feel a bit homesick. :D But loved the way you delivered the importance of giving and taking in our culture...and also your appetite is amazing....

by Hugo Crystal 10 months ago

"Sitting down for a little breakfast." pulls the buffet cart infront of camera

by Daemien McM 10 months ago

Thailand is filled with beautiful, ancient history and amazing food! Love the authentic classic Thai dishes at the night market, and the cool steamed rice noodles on a stick. I need to go back to Thailand ASAP now. Your videos inspire me to travel and I have started my own travel channel thanks to you. Keep on loving that food MIKEY!

by Ara Abroad 10 months ago

I'm a simple guy: I see a new video from Mike, I click and like.

by Sherman Ng 10 months ago

I going to go out on a limb here and bet Mike asked that guy where can I get one of those noodle making machine :) What a beautiful ending to a great day, that park was amazing!

by Marilyn Alvarez 10 months ago

That ceremony with the monks was lovely. Faith in humanity is restored.

by Slenderman 10 months ago

I tell everyone that Thailand is a budget traveling foodies dream. Thank you for sharing the great grub Mikey ๐Ÿ’—

by April Gabriel Rodriguez 10 months ago

They seem humble but you know they're thinking, "boys we feasting tonight." ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

by Paladin Smith 10 months ago

It was nice watching you do something other than eat otherwise I love when you eat but you really seem to enjoy the other activities and it made me happy to watch

by laura reid 10 months ago

Mikey: chili sauce is not as spicy as I thought.

Average Joe: ๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿฅต

by Ris AM 10 months ago

Love this video cause it shows not only food but also Thailandโ€™s culture and history. Thank you for sharing.

by Foodie Lah! 10 months ago

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