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H-MART KOREAN SUPERMARKET Taste Test! BEST & WORST Korean Grocery Market Foods

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Went to H mart Korean supermarket to try out some of the food items they had there. Went for fish cake noodle soup, kimchi, SPICY fried rice and other already made food items along with some frozen korean foods to find out which ones are the best!
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Strictly Dumpling photo 1 H-MART KOREAN SUPERMARKET Taste Test!... Strictly Dumpling photo 2 H-MART KOREAN SUPERMARKET Taste Test!... Strictly Dumpling photo 3 H-MART KOREAN SUPERMARKET Taste Test!... Strictly Dumpling photo 4 H-MART KOREAN SUPERMARKET Taste Test!...

Another reason Asians may be part vampire is that we don't seem to age 🤔

by Strictly Dumpling 2 months ago

I love how this virus has turned a prolific travel channel into a grocery store review channel. Way to adapt!

by Erin Robertson 2 months ago

" maybe we ARE vampires! We hate the sun, we're all really pale, we love blood, and every time we encounter a racist they scream something about bats!" mike, you successfully made me choke on my dinner, congrats. XD

by Mary Newell 2 months ago

why dude, why cant H-Mart be EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD

by MELANCHOLIA 2 months ago

I feel like Hispanics and Asians are similar when it comes to eating certain parts of the animal body. I grew up eating pig's ear, liver, blood sausage, pig trotters, all that good stuff. We just make them different.

by Paola Sanchez 2 months ago

He walks by 12 shelfs of chili paste and mentions it. Gets home "all I got is this hot oil"...

by shane jensen 2 months ago

Mikey: “Every time they encounter a racist, they scream about bats.”
Me: Smashes like button

by Penultimate Rock 2 months ago

Kimchi Aisle:
Non-Asian - Small Cup
Asian - Large Cup
Korean - Tub or Bucket.

by gamrage 2 months ago

Omg, this H mart is literally five minutes' drive from my house and I go there every weekend. My husband and I would be delighted to host your next dumpling/ Noodle section so we can try more varieties. We usually hit 85 Degree across the street and Shared Tea (the best milk tea in Lynnwood) after the H Mart run.

BTW, I put the fried mackerel into the fish stew. The mackerel is tender, juicy and flavourful!

by Stephanie Xu 2 months ago

I applaud Mike for eating with jeans on. I’d be in my thanksgiving pants. 😂🤣

by iMolika Men-Thlang 1 month ago

"Just a hint"

Proceeds to put three whole scopes of chili oil

by lo c 2 months ago

Petition for mike to start a cooking channel where he tells us where to get everything, and how to make it.

by Mr. SaucyTaco 2 months ago

Mike: picks up a leg "ITS LIKE A PTERODACTYL WING"


by GKXPress 1 month ago

Why is he still slim. I just put on 5kg watching him eat all that food 😂

by Snowball Channel 2 months ago

“They don’t do anything small. All this — for multiple people”

Mikey: this is just for me.

by Mike Nguyen 2 months ago

it's at the point in quarantine where i am drooling over grocery store food.

by Harp Seal 2 months ago

The veggie kimbap is actually a lot better than the beef or seafood ones

by David Huynh 1 month ago

Imagine if he was in he mafia they send a pig head and he starts to cook it

by duvuvv lop 2 months ago

Store: How much food would you like Mike: yes

by G0DLY-Asian- 2 months ago

Dude you forgot the milkis

by zed x 2 months ago

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