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Riot adds Fiddlesticks Jump Scare Easter egg in LOL, Invisible Dragon | LoL Epic Moments #703

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Riot adds Fiddlesticks Jump Scare Easter egg in LOL, Invisible Dragon | LoL Epic Moments #703
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SoloMiD photo 1 Riot adds Fiddlesticks Jump Scare... SoloMiD photo 2 Riot adds Fiddlesticks Jump Scare... SoloMiD photo 3 Riot adds Fiddlesticks Jump Scare... SoloMiD photo 4 Riot adds Fiddlesticks Jump Scare...

Imagine playing league in first person and seeing that

by Nelson Vang 2 days ago

That would really affect the mental state of players

by Jiether Pie 2 days ago

I reckon this game is called League of legends not SCP Containment Breach

by IaMmEsSiNgBoY 303 1 day ago

New player: I'm kinda bored of spamming top, now that I have smite maybe I can try jungle


New player: Duo top or feed

by Isaac Cho 1 day ago

imagine if someone flashed for that lmao

by Ernest Allen 2 days ago

i love how the players just start running away from the jumpscare XD

by Ragon Hill 2 days ago

2nd comment haha
Imagine seing that ingame after watching some horror movies

by Cram Nnella 2 days ago

rammus player immediatly clicking get away from fiddles hahaha

by D Gammanor 2 days ago

Imagine if someone flashes xD

by Gian Reyes 2 days ago

You can hear the sound of the fiddle ward when the game starts, i hear'd in some of them

by Lucas Araujo 1 day ago

When I saw it in a game i thought I was sleepy or something but no, just ol' riot trolling me

by EyelessDimitri 2 days ago

"The biggest knockup in history" This guy's apparently never played with a bard or nunu.

by Kevin Meeker 1 day ago

damn, romanian player. We lack league of legends streamers in romania. Can i have his yt/twitch channel? The name I mean.

by Levi'Alvi 18 hours ago

Saw this for the first time yesterday, I legit screamed in call and walked back to my base to catch my breath for a good 20 seconds

by Xavier Tyack 7 hours ago

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