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Snoop Dogg on Kobe: 'That man meant a lot to us' | UNDISPUTED | LIVE FROM MIAMI

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Los Angeles icon and lifelong Lakers fan Snoop Dogg responds to the tragic passing of his friend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna on Sunday.
#Undisputed #NBA #KobeBryant #SnoopDogg #Lakers.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED, UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Snoop Dogg on Kobe: 'That man meant a lot to us' | UNDISPUTED | LIVE FROM MIAMI
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED photo 1 Snoop Dogg on Kobe: 'That... Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED photo 2 Snoop Dogg on Kobe: 'That... Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED photo 3 Snoop Dogg on Kobe: 'That... Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED photo 4 Snoop Dogg on Kobe: 'That...

Snoop lost so many close homies.

by DrewTube316 7 months ago

Staples Center should be changed to Bryant Center

by Irish NYSports 7 months ago

They should put a statue of Kobe outside Staples...

by Blanca Labarda 7 months ago

Staples Center is going to be a crazy environment come playoff time

by Basketball God 7 months ago

“He was the type of the athlete that even the enemies loved him”

by bach alfa 7 months ago

Nipsey Hussle now we lost Kobe Bryant us folks from LA can't catch a break 😢

by A • 7 months ago

At this point Snoop is the Oracle. He has witnessed so much success and so many tragedies. Man Snoop! 1 word Iconic!

by LeeTravius Mckay 7 months ago

Bro snoop really has lived through a lot of legends dying around him. From Pac to Kobe.

by Kev Street 7 months ago

Snoop is a LA legend in his own right!

by Jacob Flores 7 months ago

We did lose a family member. We all watched Kobe grow up. I grew up next to him since he's only 2 years older me. I'm still bummed. Finally cried about it last night just thinking about him & Gigi.

by GOAT 7 months ago

Kobe and MJ the real goats 🐐
This coming from a warriors fan
RIP Kobe 🙏🔥🌹

by OG 17 Exclusive 7 months ago

- Shannon is right. Even people like me who rooted against him and his team are hurting right now. Deep down, if Kobe played for any other team, he'd play the same exact way for them.

by GOAT 7 months ago

Kobe Was hugging His Daughter to comfort Her before they were killed. God knows all things

by Mark Anthony Henry 7 months ago

No man is above God his life was already written. We never control that we were born to die He is in a better place. JOB WELL DONE KOBE BRYANT YOU ARE A REST.

by EL Brisco 7 months ago

It's been sad days in L.A.

by Anthony S 7 months ago

Crazy we will never see Kobe never ever again unless its a recording smfh

by Proppa Music 7 months ago

Snopp is such a charismatic person. Extremely likeable, and also very genuine human being.

by アルフィー 7 months ago

Life is not fair. Kobe’s life doesn’t have to end this way.

by relicsun 7 months ago

When Snoop talked about the conversation between Kobe and his son, gave me chills. Intelligent is an understatement.

by Latressa Motton 7 months ago

Pay close attention earthlings. See what's happening. See who's leaving. Feel what' was left. Now do something! ! Keep it moving in a positive direction.

by Deborah Reid 7 months ago

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