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The Demon In My House

shane photo 1 The Demon In My House shane photo 2 The Demon In My House shane photo 3 The Demon In My House shane photo 4 The Demon In My House

I hope you guys like the new video!! :)) im so excited to make a horror movie. im gonna put my whole heart and soul into it. :)) if you want more horror videos on my channel let me know!! :) id love to make them!

by shane 3 weeks ago

Who else scrolled down the comments thinking they would said “9 hours ago” but actually everyone’s watching it rn

by Marisol Valle 3 weeks ago

Plot twist, the demon in Shane's House was Shane himself all along

by Stefan S 2 days ago

Shane: Posts a video about a demon in his house.

Demon: Prepare to be canceled.

by Cristina Frankel 1 week ago

The only demon currently in his house is him. But there's two when Jeffree appears

by Ellen louiseXO 1 day ago

Plot twist he’s “living” the horror movie in a series of videos coming up on his channel. This IS the horror movie.

by Jack Paster 1 week ago

Who else is watching this alone in their bed at Mid-night?

by Scorched Wolf000 3 weeks ago

Shane, did you have an imaginary friend when you were a child? This is really weird how the picture you colored was the girl in the picture and how your grandma seen this little girl when she was passing. Perhaps this "girl" was someone your family experienced with before? You said they have ghost experience. There is a connection somewhere... That little girl wants your attention for something. I've had ghost experience myself.

by Cheridet Charities 2 days ago

I love how Shane's ghosts only haunt his gym, never his kitchen or fridge.The ghost is like "I got you, friend"(*winky face*)

by D.D. Markovich 1 week ago

There are so many lines that did NOT AGE WELL

by Ramen & Rice 6 days ago

I’m kinda freaked out that this was posted 7 hr ago and the majority of us are watching it at the same time ?!!??! Like THATS CRAZY

by Nani’s Spilled Milk 3 weeks ago

“i don’t wanna resemble ellen no one like her right now” well that didn’t age well

by arica k 1 week ago

Gabbie Hanna is the demon in your house cause she’s the monstAAA

by Uenoyama Ritsuka 1 week ago

pov: your scolling threw the comments while listening to shane talk about demons in the background

by Halle 5 days ago

6 July

Tittle: the demon in my house
Like: 666k

by Enwhist 1 week ago

This was posted 7 hours ago yet we’re all watching this at the same time

by Dolores Varela 3 weeks ago

Me: Sees Shane pull out knife I want that knife...
Shane: The knife is from the movie scream.
Me: eyes widen I need that knife...

by SDAG 6 days ago

Shane talking about this demon and his experiences:

The demon in my mind: rawr >:3

by shrekiziod 5 days ago

No one:
Not shane:
Not the aliens on mars:
Not the bling minions:

Demon : shits about to hit the fan

by edits by Bella 5 days ago

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