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Locked On Seahawks (3/24/20) - Breaking Down Quinton Dunbar Trade with Locked On Redskins

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Less than 24 hours after the Seahawks made their first splash move of the offseason trading for cornerback Quinton Dunbar, Locked On Seahawks host Corbin Smith analyzes the trade with special guest Chris Russell of Locked On Redskins. Why did Washington decide to move him for a fifth-round pick? And how will he help Seattle's secondary in 2020? Smith and Rob Rang also discuss the signing of receiver Phillip Dorsett and debate the five best draft picks made by John Schneider as general manager.

Seahawk Maven photo 1 Locked On Seahawks (3/24/20) -... Seahawk Maven photo 2 Locked On Seahawks (3/24/20) -... Seahawk Maven photo 3 Locked On Seahawks (3/24/20) -... Seahawk Maven photo 4 Locked On Seahawks (3/24/20) -...

Be on the lookout for more interviews with reporters covering other teams as we take a closer look at all of Seattle's free agent additions!

by Seahawk Maven 1 month ago

Some fans are complaining that we arenโ€™t signing big names and Iโ€™m confused cause first of all FA just started. Second, weโ€™ve gotten already some studs under the radar. Iโ€™m not worried and actually am very pleased with off season so far

by Red Baggot 1 month ago

I watch this before I go to sleep

by GamersEd 1 month ago

@Seahawk Maven - Love the content guys! Do you have a podcast I can listen to on Overcast or Apple podcasts?? -12

by FreshlySnipes 1 month ago

I feel like we're going to go defense HEAVY in the draft I've been saying we are a pass rush away from a SB since the beginning on the 2019 season

by Matthew Jefferson 1 month ago

Great show but you can't leave out EARL THOMAS 111 in a TOP 5 list of John's picks! He's not #1 but he's ON THE LIST!

by Bleed Blue&Green 1 month ago

I hope that they do not trade back this year!

by zaknyfein z 1 month ago

I love all these moves by john schneider and pete carroll like we really getting alot of depth if we can have josh gordon back and have a great draft, this team is going to be deep with talents

by SICKO MODE 1 month ago

We need to draft Isaiah Wilson and draft trenches oline and dline thatโ€™s it

by Tyler Manning 1 month ago

In my opinion they have got to get a slot corner, either that or Umadi needs to step up....Not a fan of how much territory we ask our lbโ€™s to cover

by Chewable Orb 1 month ago

Not excited with what John and Pete have done so far. Spend a lot of money on depth instead of getting better.
We've upgraded at corner but still have no pass rush. O-Line might have gotten slightly better but at what cost?

by Luk1887 1 month ago

Doug Baldwin was undrafted so i would say he was better value than Tyler at least

by 12th Man Pride 1 month ago

Seriosly Rob? Bwags behind carson and lockett? I get that offence seems flashier and that both where drafted later but holy bobby is a first ballot hall of famer that was trashed by scouts

by Yami7947 1 month ago

You guys have such a money podcast...I listen every day. Can't believe it's not more known about.

by Frederick Jacobson 1 month ago

Dorsett..smh..waste of $$$. Get the Clowney deal done and stop wasting time with Phillip Dorsett's. You won't get anything out of him that Turner won't give you. Dorsett CAN'T SEPARATE FROM COVERAGE so he can be replaced by a rookie, with more promise for cheaper. Speed! Ok what has that sub 4.4 forty done for him since he last ran it 4yrs or so ago!?!? Go get a hungry rookie Seattle.

by Blaize Watts 1 month ago

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