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Locked On Seahawks (3/23/20) - Where Quinton Dunbar Fits into Seattle's Defensive Plans

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Still waiting for Jadeveon Clowney to make a decision, the Seahawks finally made a big move this offseason, trading for cornerback Quinton Dunbar. Locked On Seahawks hosts Corbin Smith and Rob Rang discuss where Dunbar fits into Seattle's defensive plans, answer listener mailbag questions, and revisit Smith's latest seven-round mock draft featuring nine selections and a trade.

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Definitely see quinton being a starter as long as he’s healthy.

by Jermaine Nowels 1 month ago

I read somewhere that Quinton Dunbar said his injury was misdiagnosed and they played him earlier than they should have, which he said aggravated the injury, even more, causing him to miss more games than he should have missed, that was my paraphrased version

by speaklife7 1 month ago

Thank you guys for putting out this content all the time. I appreciate it. Go Hawks!

by Alex W 1 month ago

Hopefully he has a great season and we can extend him! Regardless, he will make Flowers and Amadi so much better through competition....

by Mike 1 month ago

Let’s go Ezra that’s my boy bethel pride

by Jr Langston 1 month ago

Now that we’ve addressed corner I think we’re drafting a receiver or running back with the 2nd/3rd pick

by AJAM 1 month ago

He can’t keep getting away with it!

by DJ Metcalf 1 month ago

Really appreciate the content

by Mr. J 1 month ago

Stay healthy out there 12's. Wash your hands.

by Merek29 1 month ago

Love the Duvernay pick! He'd be our new kick returner.
I want Florida State RB Cam Akers with one of those 2nd rounders.
I still really like CB Reggie Robinson from Tulsa, and we can get him in the 5th. 6'1", 31.5" arms (close enough), 4.44 speed, 22 reps, 36 vert, 132" broad, 7.09 3-cone, 4 interceptions last year. Might be the best value pick in this draft.

by James Glenn 1 month ago

So with all our ol fa signings, does this make it much less likely that we draft an ol early?

by Brian Shissler 1 month ago

JJ Watt went to wisconsin will Zack Baun be like him? Hopefully

by Orry Huang 1 month ago

Everson Griffen got signed or did I misunderstand?

by Jacob Shamloo 1 month ago

Colin, is Dorsett the WR3 or David Moore?

by Shane Hafner 1 month ago

Bro, Pete and John are so good at acquiring talent it’s ridiculous. Upholding Paul’s legacy, lets go win another one for PGA!

by Lil Chromosome 1 month ago

I think if Dunbar can play slot well then Griffen will stay a Seahawk. Doesnt make sense giving max $ to both cbs in hawks scheme

by Jordan E 1 month ago

I think shaq griffin will stay if the hawks give him reasonable money, mainly cuz his brother's here still

by Jeremy lin 1 month ago

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