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LIVE: Protests hit Buenos Aires on Argentina’s Independence Day

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Ruptly is live from Buenos Aires on Thursday, July 9, as protesters are set to hold an anti-government protest on Argentina’s Independence Day.
Demonstrators are expected to rally for better economic conditions and against the state takeover of soy bean giant Vicentin.​

Ruptly photo 1 LIVE: Protests hit Buenos Aires... Ruptly photo 2 LIVE: Protests hit Buenos Aires... Ruptly photo 3 LIVE: Protests hit Buenos Aires... Ruptly photo 4 LIVE: Protests hit Buenos Aires...

Fight the power, fight the elite!!! A big NO to the new world order!!!!

by Pam Diosa II 4 weeks ago

Anti-NWO riots 2020:
1. FRANCE (2019)
5. Who's next? GREECE?

by Mirko Berisic 3 weeks ago


by Espartano 3 weeks ago

Ні карантину, ні термальним сканерам, ні гумовим рукавицям. Я людина, а не овоч.

by Teodor The Entertainer 3 weeks ago

Protest sheeps in masks 😷 🤣

by Wizmos 4 weeks ago

It's sad to see hundreds of people ruining my country at the same time

by Lylo A. 4 weeks ago

protests incited by the opposition and the oligarchy through hegemonic media and fake news spread out through social media.

by O. Gabni 4 weeks ago

por fabor en medio de una pandemia, no se quejen cuando los hospitales esten llenos.

by walter dias 3 weeks ago


by Congloi Duong 4 weeks ago

Whenever they get their Island back from British they can celebrate not now

by Proton Mass 4 weeks ago

No one is caring about the virus? I mean this country has no money🤣

by Max Mustermann 4 weeks ago

My dear antifa-protesters of my Argentina and the whole world !
Respect from sacred Kazakhstan !
I'm with you, my good!
I proud you !
I applaud you while standing , my well done !
You are great sacred Heroes !
I love you !
I bless you !
We will win !
Wake up, my Argentina !
Come on everybody on the streets !
Everywhere !
It's time to stand up !
Argentina will must be free and happy !
It's time to make revolution !
Only revolution will save you !
Is it time to fight against fascistic-satanic -666- evil sistem !
Power to the people!
There is a war between good and evil !
Good will conquer evil !
God is good !
God is BLM & antifa-protester !
God is revolutionary!
God is sacred
divine Ж , not man !
God is turk ( Kazakh), not white !
God Ж will save all humanity !
Believe me !
Trust me !
I will make you free and happy !
Wake up , my humanity !
It's time to stand up, strong up !
It's time to make revolution !
Only revolution will save humanity !
Good will conquer
evil !

by Жанна Жалгаубаевна Маменова 3 weeks ago

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