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Roddy Ricch - The Box [Official Music Video]

Roddy Ricch photo 1 Roddy Ricch - The Box... Roddy Ricch photo 2 Roddy Ricch - The Box... Roddy Ricch photo 3 Roddy Ricch - The Box... Roddy Ricch photo 4 Roddy Ricch - The Box...

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial

by Roddy Ricch 2 months ago

Future and Drake: we will do the all the normie jobs
Roddy: we donโ€™t do that here

by Rahul Dev ETT 2 months ago



by Zerรธ 2 days ago

The dislikes are from people who hate getting in the box or putting stuff in the box

by AnterrnalRB 2 days ago

Dem 72k dislikes were the er urs that didn't get the money they were promised.

by Valerie Tolbert 2 days ago

What Normal people hear: Iโ€™m a 2020 president candidate

What a hear:Iโ€™m a 2020 peasant in Canada

by Frosty Gaming 1 day ago

I feel like he couldnโ€™t decide what to make his video about, and so he just included all his ideas into one

by Superman295 2 months ago

Netflix: are you still there Someone's daughter: ee ur

by David Calipetre 2 days ago

This song reminds me of spongebobs little laugh when he puts one ice in the guys drink instead of a couple on April fools day.

by Luis M 2 days ago

This video is literally how the streets in cities all over the world are gonna look at night, the minute lockdown gets lifted!

by 1881Gordon 1 day ago

Nobody :

The quiet kids headphone :
Also him : eEr UrR

by Babatunde 3 days ago

Roddy Rich: Does a windmill dunk and puts his whole arm in rim

Dwayne Wade: 9/10

by Cristian 2 months ago

Director:rodfy rocch u like doja cat?

Roddy ricch:ye she dope oo la la

by Regina Bizimungu 3 days ago

One random person that likes this comments will be a millionaire one day.

by R A I D E N 9 hours ago

The Box:imma get lazy

Me watching and on the bed sleeping puting the song on this is what I do cuz I'm actually lazy Oof

by Christian Enciso 2 days ago

Did he shift with the wrong paddle or is it just because itโ€™s different driving side

by Jye Bennion 2 days ago

This entire video is how everyone's dreams look. Then you wake up and it's a Monday morning.

by Tyterra 1 2 months ago

lets just give a moment of silence for the people who searched " E ER" for this.

by Ringila Tamang 2 days ago

lowkey thought man was going to drop and bust his face open

by Ashley H 2 days ago

Donโ€™t listen to ridding a bike I thought there was cars behind me

by Jay Tee 2 days ago

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