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Trying The Weirdest Celebrity Recipes | People Vs. Food

#Chrissy Teigen #secret pro #people vs food #you're doing it wrong #Entertainment
We gathered recipes from Snoop Dogg, Chrissy Teigen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah and Tom Brady's celebrity cookbooks and made dishes from them for our Reactors to EAT! Question is, what dish came from which celebrity cookbook?
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Reactors Featured, Dionte
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Trying The Weirdest Celebrity Recipes | People Vs. Food

#Celebrity Cooking #in one #laugh challenge #Celebrity Cookbook #guess that #Oprah Winfrey #PVF2006 #Snoop Dogg #Gwyneth Paltrow #try not to laugh #reaction #Celebrity Recipes #Celebrity Recipe #fbe #vs food #Most in a minute #do they know it #react channel #Trying The Weirdest Celebrity Recipes | People Vs. Food #can people guess #Tom Brady #react #Celebrity

REACT photo 1 Trying The Weirdest Celebrity Recipes... REACT photo 2 Trying The Weirdest Celebrity Recipes... REACT photo 3 Trying The Weirdest Celebrity Recipes... REACT photo 4 Trying The Weirdest Celebrity Recipes...

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by REPLAY 6 months ago

Alberto being so confident “Snoop D-O double G babyyyy” but writing the wrong letter 😂

by Jon Fulkerson 6 months ago

I love Brandon with all my heart. Everything he says is gold.

by Vi-Linh Nguyen 6 months ago

"She makes it and he drinks it, and then he goes and cheats" DAMNNNN. ROAST HIM.

by Brianna Alene 6 months ago

“i knew it was someone who participated in the devils grass” lmfao i love her 😭

by soraya 6 months ago

Vanessa:“She makes it, he drinks it and then he goes and cheats”

Me: I-

by HobixSprite 6 months ago

"It doesn't matter if you fry Balogna. It's still going to taste like balogna." I agree Brandon. I agree.

by Book Lover 6 months ago

Parent generation: "I knew it was someone who participated in the devil's grass"

Millenial generation: "Oh yeah, Uncle Snoop babyyy!"


by Xintrius 6 months ago

Dionte: I feel like i'm the winner anyway cause i got a bunch of free food.

Ye, we viewers are the losers.

by Trisha Mae Briones 6 months ago

Dionte: "Winners win, and Alberto's Alberto."

~ proceeds to lose to Alberto ~

by Tebogo Langa 6 months ago

“She makes it and he drinkers it then he goes out and CHEATS!” 🤣🤣🤣 I screamed

by Tania Horton 6 months ago

Alberto when the bologna sandwich comes:
Finally, some good f*cking food

by Ayy! Animations 6 months ago

As soon as that fried sandwich came out..I said “snoop” with no hesitation

by Cj Campbell 6 months ago

Ablerto: "Snoop D-O Double G, baby~."
React Crew: "That was B."
Alberto looks with caught smile and changes A to B
Laughed very hard to point where oxygen wasn't in lungs.

by Lazy Fox 6 months ago

i got a video idea "stoners try not to eat recipes from snoop doggs cook book while high

by Keven Martinez 6 months ago

“She makes it, he drinks it, and then he cheats” I’m dying 🤣

by ThicccJon 5 months ago

Snoop dog made the most hood thing ever 😭

by Äliciä Maria 2 weeks ago

Bradon: Oh, no i suck at this.

Also him:
Winning every each round.

by Trisha Mae Briones 6 months ago

Vanessa going hard lmao:
"You know Giselle is the one making him put that sh!t together, he doesn't drink that stuff on his own. She makes it, he drinks it and then he goes and cheats"

by P.A.Gaming 6 months ago

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