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College Kids Try 2019's Biggest Food Trends | College Kids Vs. Food

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2019 food trends tried by college kids..
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College Kids Try 2019's Biggest Food Trends | College Kids Vs. Food

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REACT photo 1 College Kids Try 2019's Biggest... REACT photo 2 College Kids Try 2019's Biggest... REACT photo 3 College Kids Try 2019's Biggest... REACT photo 4 College Kids Try 2019's Biggest...

What's a food trend that you hope catches on in 2019?

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by REPLAY 1 year ago

I love how Jasser sticks to his religion and beliefs when he does these vids

by Lei Thomas 1 year ago

If a white dude is saying it needs seasoning you need to rethink the entire recipe.

by Risiab 1 year ago

The girl in the hat likes everything... I think she smoked pot before this. Lol

by Junglebloods 1 year ago

How long these kids been in college?! It feels like Tom is at least going for his masters degree, maybe his doctorate.

by Blake Braden 1 year ago

Goat meat is nothing new yโ€™all just wanna Americanize it

by InsightOf Nav 1 year ago

The CBD cookie won't make them high because there is no THC in it. The CBD helps with pain. I have CBD browines and oil. Sometimes tea.

by Lily Wilborn 1 year ago

Whoโ€™s binge watching these videos aside from me???!

by Rio Loureen Reyes 1 year ago

We Mexicans been eating goat ๐Ÿคฃ

by Carmen Guzman 1 year ago

I donโ€™t think 95% of the comments understood this video. Just because something has been around for years does not mean that it canโ€™t become a trend โ€œin 2019โ€. The things can be both new and old.

by Emmalyn Kathleen 1 year ago

Goat meat is a "new trend"? Maybe in the U.S. but more people eat goat world wide than beef...

by irThumper 1 year ago

Who else is watching this in 2019 and realize none of these are popular ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Kelly Zigalow 1 year ago

Not a single soul:

by Krystian Amor 1 year ago

U can tell the asian girl smokes LMAO

by prod. rvvs 1 year ago

So much respect for Jasser! Where my halal friends at?

by Sandra Amgad 1 year ago

"It tastes like *SMACK* cocoa powder *SMACK* like I feel like I just ate a spoon of cocoa powder *SMACK* like what ever it is we can leave it in 1900's"

by tati ln 1 year ago

Eating goat is a trend now? I was made fun of for eatting curry goat when I was a kid that's funny

by BonebabeXD 1 year ago

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