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POLICE RAID St. Louis Gun Couple - AR-15 Confiscated after BLM protest confront; Pistol NOT Work!

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Police RAID house of gun-toting St. Louis lawyer couple and confiscated the AR-15 brandished during confrontation with Black Lives Matter protesters outside their home. Police searched the home attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey on Friday. Police executed a search warrant and seized the rifle brandished by a St. Louis man when Black Lives Matter protesters marched through his gated community. The search turned up the AR-15 that had been held by Mark McCloskey, while a handgun brandished by Patricia McCloskey was already in possession of her attorney confiscated an AR-15 rifle that was seen in a viral video. McCloskeys had turned firearms on protesters massed outside their home in a gated St. Louis community after fearing for their safety. No charges have been filed against the pair

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PuckFolitics photo 1 POLICE RAID St. Louis Gun... PuckFolitics photo 2 POLICE RAID St. Louis Gun... PuckFolitics photo 3 POLICE RAID St. Louis Gun... PuckFolitics photo 4 POLICE RAID St. Louis Gun...

These are not protesters, they're rioters.

by Adolf Shitler 3 weeks ago

The attorney, Kim Gardner, should be forced to forfeit her license for illegally doing this. Clear violation of 2nd Amendment rights.

by adaonetube 3 weeks ago

Seized the fire arms?
DJ Khalid: buy another one.
Seized those too.
DJ Khalid: another one.
Seized them again.
DJ Khalid: another one.

by Beef 99 3 weeks ago

Time to purchase some Glock 9's with extended clips and move.

by Friend 3 weeks ago

They aren't "Brandishing".
They are defending their property!

by iliveforhim1976 3 weeks ago

What judge actually thought it was a good idea to issue a warrant? I bet these news reporters wouldn't be so nice if this mob threatened their home and family.

by Anahutch1 3 weeks ago

Protesters really!!?? What theyโ€™re doing to this couple is illegal and unconstitutional!! Hope they sue the shut out of the city!!

by lixsajoe 3 weeks ago

Where were the POLICE when the McCloskys needed them?

by Marie ELSTER 3 weeks ago

Not even allowed to defend yourself anymore whatโ€™s happening to this country

by Nicholas Earle 3 weeks ago

No charges no right for a search warrant.

by William Sych 3 weeks ago

God bless this couple ... rioters were threatening in private property ..

by Anne Blair 3 weeks ago

Names you'll NEVER see on a BLM mural or mentioned more than ONCE, if at all, by Leftist media.
Here's just a sample of those Killed by Black Gunfire July 4th Weekend
Secoriea Turner (8 y.o. Atlanta)
Anthony Robinson (29) shot while walking daughter in the Bronx
ย Natalia Wallace, (7 Chicago), was shot in the forehead as she and other children played in the yard
Michael Goodlow III (4 y.o. St. Louis) shot in head
Angelo Walker, (15-y.o. Philadelphia)shot once in the headย 
Rahim, (15 y.o. Philadelphia)shot 17 times outside a store where he was stopping to get food after playing basketball with his friends.
Antonio Mays Jr., 16-year-old:ย  shot and killed in a shooting near the Seattle CHOP

by Jimbo Jones 3 weeks ago

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