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Polo G - Finer Things (Official Video) 🎥By Ryan Lynch

Unsigned Unmanaged 19yrs old North aside of Chicago Artist Polo G

Polo G photo 1 Polo G - Finer Things... Polo G photo 2 Polo G - Finer Things... Polo G photo 3 Polo G - Finer Things... Polo G photo 4 Polo G - Finer Things...

I’ve had this song on repeat for a week straight now, super impressed.. Best believe I’ll make a vid on this, great song 💯

by BlackySpeakz 1 year ago

Happy 2 year anniversary, this song never gets old 🔥

by Glad2winYT 3 weeks ago

0% nudity
0% naked ladies
0% drugs
0% mumbling
100% polog vibes

by Jayden Freeze 1 week ago

Polo G is 21 and it’s weird because the average life expectancy is 15 for a goat

by Raze Killer 3 days ago

Who came back for this outta nowhere?

by WickedSkengg 1 month ago

He minded his own business and didn’t get caught up that’s on of the dozen reasons he made it out the hood.

by JE scrizl 3 weeks ago

Most rappers get better over the years... But this man has always been the best🔥🔥🔥

by JOfi Catholic 1 week ago

Whoever disliked this song.. then y’all don’t know what real music is 😂

by Asia Bell 1 month ago

1 like = 1 goat🐐

Lets see who is listening to this song 2020?

by LastCOP 2 weeks ago

No naked girls. Straight life. Respect, guy is gonna go down as one of the best

by Alex Eiben 3 months ago

Polo g isnt the type to flex girls he talks about his life in his songs

by redd yellowz 3 weeks ago

Here comes everyone begging for likes instead of just listening and chilling, smfh. Y’all are a mess 😐

by Landon Hostetler 4 days ago

the reason people say polo is the goat is because he’s actually rapping abt smth, he’s not just flexing about drugs girls and money. they’ll make a whole album talking about money and polo actually talks about his come up and his struggles .

by Mateo Briones 1 month ago


by NAS 2 days ago

Who came back here after listening to “The Goat” Polo G been makin hits 💪🏽

by Kristopher Garcia 4 months ago

I've always dreamed of polo g liking my comment. He is truly the Goat. Let's see if he notices.

by Noah Leypon 3 weeks ago

0% Girls
0% Guns
0% flexin
100% wholesome

by Usman Bashir 3 weeks ago

This mans music is so inspiring everything he raps is true and the fact he still like comments shows he truly cares

by Brayden Rust 2 weeks ago

I ain’t been through everything he’s been through but I still feel he puts in lyrics everyone can relate to mad respect

by Lil JoJo 4 weeks ago

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