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Fruits Become Babysitters For Mad Twins || Pear Couple

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Fruits became babysitters and they have to look after the naughty twins..
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Cherries always compete and fight. Liza and Piro have to stop them before they destroy the whole house..
Ang mga prutas ay naging mga babysitter at kailangan nilang alagaan ang mga malikot na kambal.
फल बेबीसिटर्स बन गए और उन्हें शरारती जुड़वा बच्चों की देखभाल करनी पड़ी।.
0:00 Best friends.
0:30 Twin fight.
1:31 Pool
2:46 Naughty twins VS babysitter.
4:17 Jumping
4:51 Mad babysitter
6:54 Bath time.
8:28 Scary story.
9:01 Piro’s hobby
10:42 Liza VS dinosaurs.
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Pear Couple photo 1 Fruits Become Babysitters For Mad... Pear Couple photo 2 Fruits Become Babysitters For Mad... Pear Couple photo 3 Fruits Become Babysitters For Mad... Pear Couple photo 4 Fruits Become Babysitters For Mad...

Did you know you could get a good grade on the playground mom I got aF What are you doing the talking dog food you’re going to get Carter a normal

by Terry Couch 2 days ago

baby Sisters cool!!!!!!

by Bk GOH 2 days ago


by Laila Bahey 4 days ago

Halloween 🎃👻💀😈🤡👽🤖

by Dominic Ames-Aragon 1 day ago


by Dianne Nelson 1 month ago

2 twin fight each other and 1 gets angry and 1 is nice

by Eterson Noreston 1 month ago

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