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NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)

#Roddy #Roddy Choppa #Choppa Roddy #Worldstar Hip Hop #Music
Listen to "Walk Em Down": https://nlechoppa.lnk.to/walkemdown
TikTok: NLEChoppaMusic
Triller: NLEChoppa
A Psycho Films Production
Director: Christian Sutton
EP: Sam Canter
Producers: Geenah Krisht & Mary Margaret Merritt
DP: Dannel Escallon
PD: Dre Day Designz
1st AD: Erik Mateo
Editor: Tyler Sobel-Mason
VFX: Warm & Fuzzy, Nuclear Creative, Max Goodrich, & Will Tooke
Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
Lasers: FutureWeapons Lasers
#WalkEmDown #NLEChoppa #RoddyRicch #WalkEmDownChallenge

#High Fashion #Hot New Hip Hop #Start Wit Me #NLE Choppa #New Roddy Ricch #Worldstar #Choppa Walk Em Down #Walk Em Down #New Hip Hop #Choppa #Complex #Rody Rich #New Rody Rich #Roddy Ricch The Box #Camelot #Roddy Walk Em Down #New Choppa #Roddy The Box #Genius #Shotta Flow #Roddy Ricch #Walk Them Down #New NLE Choppa #New Rap Music #Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial #The Box

NLE CHOPPA photo 1 NLE Choppa - Walk Em... NLE CHOPPA photo 2 NLE Choppa - Walk Em... NLE CHOPPA photo 3 NLE Choppa - Walk Em... NLE CHOPPA photo 4 NLE Choppa - Walk Em...

I Need To See The Whole World Vibing To This And Hitting The New Walk Em Down Dance ๐Ÿ’”

by NLE CHOPPA 1 week ago

One Random person who likes this will become a millionaire someday.

by sanwel Warjri 1 week ago

When you dunk on someone: Walk over him

by Danthe Man 21 hours ago

Claim your "Here before TikTok stole it" pass๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

by Djdj Shdjdj 12 hours ago

Blueface: let's go downstairs

NLE: walk em down roddy!

by Lil Augie 20 hours ago

- Roddy: โ€œChoppa this song gon be huge.โ€

by Ryan Zdanwich 1 day ago

First time hearing: nah
Second time: it's not That bad

by zenkaibooster 5 days ago

Roddy Ricch be banging"sellin dope till the sun come down"

by bilishu aliss 1 day ago

That first scene got him looking like one of them circle k crack heads.

by Megan Brazeau 1 day ago


*Wipe his nose
*Put his ass to sleep
*Lying down
*Selling dope

He is really concerned about corona!

by Biel De Goes 5 hours ago

You guys complaining Roddy didn't have enough but he had the perfect amount if he had to much it woulda thrown off the vibe and NLE went hard on this

by deathbomb 1 day ago

Here before TikTok ruins it ๐Ÿ’”

by Vik4oBeats 1 week ago

โ€˜We ainโ€™t hesitating bullets get to blazin ima lay him down like he in a loungeโ€™

by FortniteGod36 Yeet 1 day ago

Claim your "here before 10" card here.

by ร˜ 1 day ago

At the end Roddy laughing at Choppa's crazy ass dancing

by yxngminge 1 day ago

nle: selling dope till the sun comes down
69: judge do you know what nle does in his free time

by big dong 420 69 1 day ago

No one:
That one kid who says u will be rich if u like this.

by Jamyra Williams 1 week ago

The person who did them lazers need a raise

by vvs.mrqs27 1 day ago

I always wonder whoโ€™s the feat. guy in almost every song.

by F.B.I 23 hours ago

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