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The Lopez Brothers Do My Makeup!

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hi draguns! meet both of my boyfriends... lol jk. meet Tony Lopez and Ondreaz Lopez known to the world as the Tik Tok hot boy duo dancing, grinding, and helicoptering. i challenged the boys to do my makeup! ...i swear this was a sober thot and i am SHOOK at the results. i know there's been a lot of talk of me and the boys... i mean come on boys and girls can just be FRIENDS ....anyways i'm so happy for y'all to see how much FUN we have together. comment down below which brother u think did the best job! love u so much xo DRAGUN.
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Lopez Brothers.
Tony Lopez_Tony
Ondreaz OndreazLopez.
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Nikita Dragun photo 1 The Lopez Brothers Do My... Nikita Dragun photo 2 The Lopez Brothers Do My... Nikita Dragun photo 3 The Lopez Brothers Do My... Nikita Dragun photo 4 The Lopez Brothers Do My...

Why isn’t anybody talking about how much he sounds like James when he said that- (I’m talking about Tony’s brother so I’m sorry if you got offended)

by Brennah Macabitas 2 weeks ago

“Little things matter” reminds me of bill from stranger thing like they sound pretty similar

by Nice Girl 1 week ago

Ondreaz sounds like he would be a chill boyfriend like I want to cuddle and watch spongebob

by Jenicia Gallegoa 5 days ago

Literally nobody:
Nikita: “DoN’t bE sHy! PuT sOmE MoRe!”

by _XxAdoptMexX _ 1 week ago

No one:

NoT eVen James CHARLES

Ondreaz: OMG that looks like buffalo sauce

by SugxrAngel 4 days ago

Ondreaz sounds more like James Charles then James Charles himself.

by Nicole I. Moore 2 weeks ago

"as a girl don't be afraid to shoot your shot"

then there's me: -.-

by sparkle lite 6 days ago

no one:
absolutely no one:
ondreaz's vibe = bob ross when saying "little things matter"

by Carolina Agudelo 3 days ago

Nobody at all:
Not even Nikita:
Tony acts like he knows what he’s talking about

by Addie Nowak 2 days ago

tony: grabs nikias neck nikia: “why are you grabbing my neck like that?!” also nikia: whispers i kinda like that me: OoOoO

by Madison Ford 5 days ago

OK but like Ondreaz James Charles impression was on point

by Kynneddi Lee 2 weeks ago

Every Girl: crush on Tony

Me: dreams about Ondreaz

by Ann Nagels 2 days ago

No one:
Literally no one:
Still no one:

by gianna amico 3 days ago

Omg Ondrez is literally UNDERRATED, and is A WHOLE ASS MOOOOODDDD

by Nyome Turner 1 week ago

No one:

Literally no one:

Ondreaz: Ion give a (f word) kEiShA

by Sebastian Garcia 3 days ago

Ok but why does Ondreaz actually sound like James Charles with a crack in his voice? Lol

by Alexis Lee 3 weeks ago

Nikita: “Play jealous by Nick Jonas”

Editor: plays jealous by Labrinth

by Kaniya Hampton 1 day ago

Ondreaz “Am I doing something wrong?” “Sorry”🥺

by Hermione Grainger 1 week ago

Nikita:why are you grabbing my neck like that?
Tony:I'm sorry laughs
Nikita:I liked it.

by Jesse Wynhoff 4 days ago

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