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Air Penguin - A Legacy.

#Club Penguin Private Server #Air Penguin #CPO #Club Penguin Shutting Down #Gaming
Unfortunately due to the DMCA's sent out by Disney, my "Air Penguin" server will be forced to closed. It holds many amazing memories and I held a lot of emotional attachment to both the server and community, and always planned on making something similar to it ever since I was a kid. Here is a shorter summary of how (and why) it was created.

#Club Penguin #Club Penguin Online #CPPS #Disney #Shutting Down #Club #Penguin

NiftRex photo 1 Air Penguin - A Legacy. NiftRex photo 2 Air Penguin - A Legacy. NiftRex photo 3 Air Penguin - A Legacy. NiftRex photo 4 Air Penguin - A Legacy.

RIP AP, this community will always have a special place in my heart. Huge thanks to Jordan for making this experience happen, will never forget you guys โค

(Also I won that snowball fight and now no one can say otherwise >:) )

by D Mayo 1 month ago

Air Penguin was fun while it lasted. I still remember getting excited when I got potw

by GrapeSplash 1 month ago

proud to have been potw, moderator and helped you jordan, I will never forget anything of this <3

by Martinechi Gamer 1 month ago

THIS IS SO SAD!! we are in a cpps apocalypse!

by 311 Jazzy 1 month ago

What a wonderful video! R.I.P Air Penguin!

Waddle On

by ItsNickolasJr 1 month ago

I am happy to helped a little bite in this comunity.

by StampMaster 1 month ago

I wish you could add user piggy6wiggy
Biggest fan I cried in this Iโ€™m sure you had a fun time thatโ€™s the mane bit

by Thomas Carter 1 month ago

Hi its me huhjosh wassup. I was in ur game in ragdoll engine

by Meme bOiii 2 weeks ago

Thatโ€™s very sad I miss it roblox user piggy6wiggy

by Thomas Carter 1 month ago


by GIR 1 month ago

I donโ€™t like your friend dylavip because I am in the same server in murder mystery and I was asking dyla about her knife and she said โ€œew go awayโ€

by iiAsh _ 1 month ago

keep going bro

by N_K e 2 weeks ago

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