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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending Explained (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

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Netflix's Umbrella Academy is back with another season full of time travel, mystery, and delightfully weird storytelling! As expected, the second season ended with some shocking revelations that will have a major impact on season three. But what happened exactly? How does it tie into the comics? Join Dan Casey on a deep dive into the Umbrella Academy's past, present, and future in this spoiler-filled deep dive into the season two finale and dangling season three plot threads.
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CREDITS, Producers: Dan Casey and Matt Caron
Writer: Ali Mattingly
Host: Dan Casey
Editor: Matt Caron

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Isn't Harlan literally floating a sparrow in the car? I took that as a direct connection to the Sparrow Academy.

by Jason Mistretta 1 month ago

Why do people forget The Handler and Harlan spent time alone together???
Time we didn't get to see. You know she did something to him.

by Craig Goetsch 1 month ago

Harlan could be the source of all the superpower births. Would put him in the right time.

by Oat lord 1 month ago

Harlan will definitely be the villain of the next season, and most likely the cause of another apocalyptic event.
If you haven't noticed, Vanya is repeatedly destined to destroy the Earth, and Harlan is just another form of that destiny of hers.

by ScytheNoire 1 month ago

All the problems in season 3 will be traced back to Klaus naming his cult Destiny's Children thereby robbing the world of Destiny's Child and Beyonce.

by meloD30 1 month ago

What struck me about the academy is how their defining feature seems to be an utter mismanagement of their powers

by Fulano de Tal 1 month ago

One thing I find interesting in the comics is that there are superpowered villains who aren't the other children born on the same day. So what makes the Umbrella Academy so shocking?
Also Sir Reginald adopting more than just the seven and raising them differently is like an basic scientific experiment.
Which is a better method of raising and training superpowered children? In the Netflix series, Sir Reginald sees that his Umbrella Academy fails when he meets them in 1963 so he adopts a different set to see if he can do better.
In the comics he raised them separately and most likely uses different methods than what he did with the Umbrella Academy.
Because the one thing we know about Sir Reginald is that he is a scientist above all else.

by Gwenevere Hodgson 1 month ago

I just thought the father having met his future kids and being dissatisfied at how poorly it turned out he chose to go after other children and not them specifically, and he got Ben again because he felt he died because he failed to raise a proper team but with the Sparrow academy he got it right and ben was alive

by Gerard Allen 1 month ago

Wish we could all take a briefcase back to 2019!
This whole year so far has been a doomsday

by Hall.p 1 month ago

My theory is that Dr. Hargreaves is going to come across Harlan as a teenager and his research on Harlan is what is gonna ultimately lead to the formation of the Sparrow Academy. Harlan isn't a member of the team hes the inspiration for it.

by GooInMy Shooz 1 month ago

Sir. Reginald Hargreevees got Ben in the new sparrows team because klaus didn’t say anything about him to their father at the tiki bar. That’s why Sir Reginald Hargreevees didn’t recruit the old members because he saw how much of a disappointment they had become. Their for he opted for a whole new team with a different name. And that’s why Ben is the leader. Also Sir. Reginald Hardgreevees was taking notes the whole time the members of the Umbrella Academy were trying to ask for his help. Also I think he hates the old team because Diego was the reason why Grace walked away from him even though he wasn’t the person who killed Kennedy his identity and work demanded blinded faith from Grace and she wasn’t able to give it without some type of leap of faith from him. P.s who says Aliens don’t get angry and bitter.

by Jay Morales 1 month ago

"That old... plot twist". Well played sir.

by DrSpectAcula 1 month ago

Although Allison is not my favorite of the 7. Her two husbands and one child are clearly something in the show. Maybe it’s just another one of those distractions that keep the group separated. I’m excited for the 7 to meet Claire. And see alternatives of Pogo and Grace.

by Olivia Hall 1 month ago

So did the world just forget about the umbrella academy and their supposed connection to Kennedy's death or did i miss something?

by nikolas macalma 1 month ago

Harlan's toy looks like a Canadian sparrow. They are blue with a red breast.

by Shane Gabriel 1 month ago

Five is my favourite, Who else?

by MisterCloak 1 month ago

Loved this season it was brilliant, cannot wait for a season 3

by Liam Darlow 1 month ago

Anyone else upset by the ending fight? Vanya uses her explody powers to instant-kill that whole army that showed up out of nowhere... Diego matrix-style stopped bullets in air, like um ok... then to follow those 2 power upgrades, Luther, Allison & Klause use basically none of their abilities and just lose to Lila... forcing them to think “oooh maybe she’s one of us?” Just seemed so sloppy...

by Cory Jones 1 month ago

Do you remember when there was no internet and people couldn't understand the endings of movies or shows?

by Professor Xavier 1 month ago

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