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James Harden Pours In 49 PTS, 9 REB, 8 AST, 3 STL & 3 BLK!

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James Harden pours in 49 PTS (14-20 FGM) and the Houston Rockets come back to top Dallas in a high-scoring OT thriller! #WholeNewGame.
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NBA photo 1 James Harden Pours In 49... NBA photo 2 James Harden Pours In 49... NBA photo 3 James Harden Pours In 49... NBA photo 4 James Harden Pours In 49...

Just causally dropped 49 after 4 months of not playing

by Snow Jo 1 month ago

Harden almost dropped 50 first night lol...but who cares because it's Harden right? Tired of that nonsense, let's see if some players get close to as many 40+ games as him besides Kobe in this era. He will double as many as KD soon. Also, Harden has 23 of 50 pt games while KD has 6, LeBron has 12

by M Rorty 1 month ago

Therapist: "Two-way Harden doesn't exist, he can't hurt you."

Two-way Harden:

by JoyBox Trickster 1 month ago

This dude is a human flamethrower

by Talon 1 month ago

Harden this was a horrible game you didn’t score 50 as usual

by Mystic 1 month ago

“Hotter than fish grease”? “He put him in the friendzone”? Players aren’t the only ones shaking off the rust I guess

by Roman Tchjen 1 month ago

“OH! He’s hotter than fish grease!!”

by Sleepy Duck 1 month ago

Man these are 2K numbers😂. This man dropped almost a 50 pt trip dub after 4 months of no ball. Goodness fu***ng gracious.

by Raghav Taneja 1 month ago

My man Harden out there averaging other player's career highs 🤣

by GTR life 1 month ago

Zion does a behind the back pass in transition: ESPN Daily Top 5.
Harden constantly does behind the back passes in traffic with 3 defenders: meh

by antinapay 1 month ago

James Harden really the only one putting up 40, 50 point games like this in today's game consistently. MJ, Kobe, Iverson, & Wilt the only others i can think of to do such a thing like the beard.🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀

by Otto Birss 1 month ago

This guy is getting pretty decent on defense

by Nicolas Mayer 1 month ago

"He put porzingis in the friend zone" Sounds a lil sus 😂

by Ramil Mansueto 1 month ago

The ball movement in this game was so satisfying to watch

by Jamal Curry 1 month ago

It would’ve been an “Mmmmm” fest if Reggie was commentary of the game.

by Kevin Williams 1 month ago

This man playing on pro with 12 minute quaters

by Jarrel Fitts 1 month ago

Harden out here putting up Wilt Chamberlain stats

by Lucid 1 month ago

8 years on the Houston rocket and he 2nd all time scoring list for that team. Give that man his respect.

by James Worthy 1 month ago

Two way Harden, a different animal but the same beast.

by LeBeautiful 1 month ago

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