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High Road (2/12) Movie CLIP - You're a Drug Dealer (2011) HD

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CLIP DESCRIPTION, Fitz (James Pumphrey) sells weed to a Hollywood producer who's kind of a jerk.
FILM DESCRIPTION, Upright Citizens Brigade co-founder Matt Walsh directs this improvised comedy about a pot dealer who goes on the lam with his teenage neighbor following a deal gone bad. When his band decides to call it quits, floundering Glenn "Fitz" Fitzgerald (James F. Pumphrey) starts selling weed to support his girlfriend Monica (Abby Elliott), and winds up befriending his 16 year old neighbor Jimmy (Dylan O'Brien). Meanwhile, fame comes fast to his former bandmates, but "Fitz" can't seem to get an even break. When a deal goes sour and "Fitz" must flee, Jimmy comes along for the wild ride. Saturday Night Live alumni Horatio Sanz also stars in a comedy featuring Zach Woods, Matt L. Jones, and Lizzy Caplan.
CREDITS, TM & © Millennium Entertainment (2011)
Cast: Zach Woods, James Pumphrey
Director: Matt Walsh
Producers: Erik Rommesmo, Kirk Roos, Jeff Schlossman, Matt Walsh, George Whitman, Inman Young
Screenwriters: Matt Walsh, Josh Weiner
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Movieclips photo 1 High Road (2/12) Movie CLIP... Movieclips photo 2 High Road (2/12) Movie CLIP... Movieclips photo 3 High Road (2/12) Movie CLIP... Movieclips photo 4 High Road (2/12) Movie CLIP...

James before hrsprs and donut he has changed.

by Zade Protogen 1 year ago


by L C 1 year ago

"Pissed off at your dad?" I mean, James' dad has left him like pop up up and down headlights have left cars

by Patrick Kennedy 9 months ago

No ones talking about Jared from Silicon Valley!

by MotoMendoza7 2 weeks ago


by Mac 5 days ago

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