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I Built a Dopamine Box

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In this episode, I design and build my own device that reminds to complete 6 tasks each day. Each flick on the switch is accompanied by a tiny boost in dopamine. Inspired by Simone Giertz "The Everyday Calendar" but with 6 reminders instead of one.
The full code, CAD and illustrator files as well as the schematic for the electronics can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JT_uNP8yWYnl9HUFpKN8J3Ya1B2z1zBw
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Mike Boyd photo 1 I Built a Dopamine Box Mike Boyd photo 2 I Built a Dopamine Box Mike Boyd photo 3 I Built a Dopamine Box Mike Boyd photo 4 I Built a Dopamine Box

I feel like this could actually be a really successful product if mass produced

by Boffy 3 days ago

Learning disparate skills is so underrated. You never know ahead of time how they will play off of and amplify each other, but they always do. Never would have thought Law School + Public Speaking + Videography = YouTube Channel, but here we are.

by LegalEagle 3 days ago

Subbing to this guy is a constant cycle of forgetting he exists then being extremely happy to see his new video

by Jacob C. Varghese 3 days ago

How to say 6?

English: Six
German: Sechs
Spanish: seis
France: six
Mike Boyed: S E X

by Frankey 3 days ago

This is why people should learn “random” things

by Kenneth Wong 3 days ago

I would have done this entire project just to procrastinate about doing something else.

by GameFaceZA 3 days ago

No one:

Mike: "So using some basic knowledge about nuclear fusion I gained in a past video, I engineered and built this rudimentary time machine"

by Marino 3 days ago

moments like these made me realize that learning these skills over your life will gradually make doing different projects easier and easier as you increase your skill set. Learning CAD at the time might have been a bit useless, but it has clearly made this project possible. Edit: just realized that was the meaning behind the video lol

by Luke Mills 3 days ago

“Dopamine, my favorite chemical”
Law enforcement: hmmm

by The Original Kid 2 days ago

He didn't do tasks he was just standing in front of them. I'm calling imposter.

by Celery 3 days ago

My lazy ass would just “forget” to charge it so I don’t have to do my chores.

by Grxyz 2 days ago

Can’t wait for this to be translated into English

by Th0mas266 3 days ago

“This may work. However it may not. For that reason... I’m out.” - some random shark tank host

by The Modern Conservative 3 days ago

Mike come on let’s get back to doing that backflip

by The Epic Bandit 3 days ago

I'm so confused... Our project at school is to make an app "physical". That's literally what you just made/did. All the things you used to make the "machine" with, is what we are learning in our classes right now (arduino/code, laser cutting, 3d modeling and go one)

What a coincidence!

by Anouk 2 days ago

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