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How Ben Survived His Death In Umbrella Academy Season 2

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This is how Ben and the Sparrows will play into Season 3 and why Luther is the worst character
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Michael Jae photo 1 How Ben Survived His Death... Michael Jae photo 2 How Ben Survived His Death... Michael Jae photo 3 How Ben Survived His Death... Michael Jae photo 4 How Ben Survived His Death...

Although we dont see ben often, he is my favourite character so im glad we will possibly get to see lots of ben in a future season 3 :)

by Keanna russ 1 month ago

Dad is alive because he didnt need to kill himself to bring the umbrella academy back together. Ben is qlive because he died because of an umbrella academy mission.

by Neutro 1 month ago

As much as I love Umbrella’s Ben final scene I would have loved a scene of a Ben possessed Klaus and Sparrow Ben

by Silver Spectre 1 month ago

I love the umbrella academy I binged the hole series in one day and so many jaw dropping moments happened

by CubKid 1 month ago

I only hope that the green box is one of the members of the sparrow academy and his power is that he can control humans

by Grayel 1 month ago

I think they split the timeline so that they were all born, but then after going to the 60's, the timeline split
Ben is there so they must have all been born again in the new 1989
Reginald now knows 6 names and faces, so he might not adopt the kids that match these

My guess would be that Lila was adopted, which would lead to her probably meeting her new self without paradox psycosis (They're not past/future selves of the same person, but the same person in different timelines)
Also, she probably travelled () to her parents' assassination, but then, if her new self was adopted, there would never be an assassination to begin with

The time travel in the show is really weird because of the Commision so it's tough to really know how timelines interact

by Yoav Shati 1 month ago

I don't think Diego and Lila's relationship counts as incest like Allison and Luther. They didn't grow up together and despite her having powers she wouldn't be a sibling the way the other seven are siblings.

by Aria Blue 1 month ago

honestly i thought this season was really good

by lee 1 month ago

I feel like Lila’s going to be in the sparrow academy.

by Alpaca 2 weeks ago

After watching session 2. I was more excited for session 3 🤗🤗🤗

by Movies omniscienter 1 month ago

my trheory is that "The sparrow academy is created because when the Umbrella academy went back in time they changed his mind on adopting them so they accident caused the butterfly affect

by Matteo Manchev 1 month ago

I loved this season, but I think we can all agree, Diego and Lila were very boring.

by Golden Queen 1 month ago

Ah I seen what you did there with “vanya you the bomb”

by Bruh m0ment 1 month ago

Great video, Cant wait for the new season, Discord Gang

by Brian Is Here 1 month ago

At the end when they teleport to the sparrow academy , their father say 'I knew you would come here' or something like that. I think this might mean he teleported too , but he did it in just enough time to make an academy. Meaning that he knew they would come and he might protect them from the sparrow academy . This also means, the sparrow academy might team up with the umbrella academy.

by Tranquility Stables 1 month ago

Loving the vids is the umbrella academy good cause i might watch it

by James Hall 1 month ago

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