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Home of gun-toting St Louis couple raided by police

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St. Louis Police have executed a search warrant at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Last month, video surfaced of the couple standing on their lawn with firearms after protesters broke through a fence on their property. According to reports, police seized the rifle Mark McCloskey was armed with. The couple has not yet been charged with any crimes..
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That's is so awful and unfair. Liberal world where good is bad and evil is good.

by K S 4 weeks ago

they're not protesters if they tear down an iron gate. THOSE are rioters!

by James Hudson 3 weeks ago

I mean what side are the cops on anyway? They need to pick a side soon.

by james hopkins 3 weeks ago

i think we all are getting tired of this.

by r c 3 weeks ago

The husband said on Michael Knowles show that he had spoken with police prior to the protesters arriving. According to him the police chief had his back even though the chief wasnt going to do anything at first. Guess someone is lying

by Tommy Jacobs 3 weeks ago

If you are a real American you can't vote Democrat....

by Saul of Tarsus 3 weeks ago

Seized the fire arms?
DJ Khalid: buy another one.
Seized those too.
DJ Khalid: another one.
Seized them again.
DJ Khalid: another one.

by Beef 99 3 weeks ago

This is unAmerican!!!!Im about to stock pile guns....

by Saul of Tarsus 3 weeks ago

smh... this is ridiculous... youโ€™re not allowed to protect yourself .... never vote Democrat

by Just Stop IT 3 weeks ago

No charges no right for search warrant.

by William Sych 3 weeks ago

Liberal logic โ€œ Self Defense โ€œ is racist.

by Rose Gonzales 3 weeks ago

Apparently Kim Gardner is a BLM sympathizer, and it wouldn't surprise me if she called them up after she took the McCloskey's guns so they can come and "protest" with no resistance.


In January 2020, Gardner filed a civil rights lawsuit against St. Louis City and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on the basis of the Fourth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and Ku Klux Klan Act of 1865, alleging a racist conspiracy. The lawsuit cites a 2016 report from the Ethical Society of Police detailing a history of racial discrimination in the police force, as well as the Plain View Project's report exposing city police officers' racist social media activities.

The city's spokesperson called the case "meritless" and spokesperson for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, Jeff Roorda, called the lawsuit "the last act of a desperate woman." Several African American women district attorneys, including Marilyn Mosby and Aramis Ayala, traveled to St. Louis to demonstrate support for Gardner, declaring that she has been targeted by a "fundamentally racist" system which they also contend against.

by Undiluted and Uncensored 3 weeks ago

Those were not protesters, they were violent criminals who broke down an iron gate to get by a sign stating "Private Property." The mob came back later to finish off the house when the news revealed they were disarmed. Those criminals were surprised to face an armed security detail.

by Anahutch1 3 weeks ago

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