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Minute Steak | Matty Matheson's Home Style Cookery Ep. 2

MATTY MATHESON photo 1 Minute Steak | Matty Matheson's... MATTY MATHESON photo 2 Minute Steak | Matty Matheson's... MATTY MATHESON photo 3 Minute Steak | Matty Matheson's... MATTY MATHESON photo 4 Minute Steak | Matty Matheson's...

I really miss “Just A Dash”. I watch the old ones over n over.

by Guappbeatz 2 weeks ago

lmao sometimes I just need a serving of Matty's energy, the positivity is contagious

by Drio on soundcloud 2 weeks ago

The real question is: Did he finally kill and eat Michelle? And then shaved his beard and dyed his hair cause he's on the run from the law?

by gtoss chddy 1 week ago

I trust any man who cooks his steaks while wearing a bucket hat and a killer Dead shirt

by Isaiah Keiser 2 weeks ago

Are there any clips of Matty using his Indoor Voice?

Sound guy: Put the Mic across the street.

by S D 2 weeks ago

Everyone who watched Just a Dash:
"I have a bad feeling about this..."

by DavidKruize 2 weeks ago

I'd love to eat a handful of shrooms and go camping with Matty.

by Pankohh 2 weeks ago

“a steak is good in ketchup” the level of controversy in this statement is unreal

by Kyle Joynes 2 weeks ago

Matty Metheson is what happens when you send Chris Farley to culinary school

by Buffalo Allen 2 weeks ago

“It’s the baste in frothtown” 😂😂

by Sam Rudnick 2 weeks ago

Some kid, somewhere: "Who voted you the mayor of Frothtown?!"

by Mathijs Ignoul 2 weeks ago

Am I the only one who feels Abit uncomfortable seeing him without his signature porn stache?

by Shaky Skol 1 week ago

I really liked Matty until he got the brown sauce out. Now I proper love him.

by Raasclarke 14 2 weeks ago

"Steaky-poo" is such a cute name for a good piece of sirloin. Once again, Matty, you are a genius.

by Thomas L Nudd 2 days ago

By two “large tablespoons of butter,” he means four tablespoons of butter.

by Mithrylon 2 weeks ago


by jaybuckODT21 1 week ago

I want this book so bad. MATTY YOU’RE A KING 👑

by Joshua Weissman 2 weeks ago

"Hewlett Packard sauce"

by ffwast 2 weeks ago

this man is probably fine, but i don't know if i could trust him with swinging around my children without dismembering them with his huge ogre hulk strength

by ITS ME AUSTIN 1 week ago

Heads up for the non cooks, the oil is essential here as it raises the smoking point of the butter. Without the oil that butter gonna smoke up the joint something fierce. I had such trouble with butter basting steaks in the past cause it would just turn into a smoke show. I never added the oil cause I figured there was no point since the steak will render fat anyways, but the oil is what makes it work.

by Adjustvolume 2 weeks ago

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