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Ufo Crash In Brazil. May 13, 2020 Youtube coverup

Manticore7777 photo 1 Ufo Crash In Brazil. May... Manticore7777 photo 2 Ufo Crash In Brazil. May... Manticore7777 photo 3 Ufo Crash In Brazil. May... Manticore7777 photo 4 Ufo Crash In Brazil. May...

The US social media is erasing information leading to this event.

by Andrew Rollins 3 months ago

YouTube went down for about 20mins world wide at different times and most of the videos were taken down

by Shauna Martin 3 months ago


by Mitch Butrisky 3 months ago

This was interesting. I read an article about this and decided to check YouTube. Came across your video. Would be interesting to know more. Liked and subscribed

by Victoria Mella 3 months ago

I strongly believe this true & that it's being covered up. We need/want to know more. The Truth must get out.

by ChickenNuggetsUwU 3 months ago

I have just subscribed to you. Please keep us updated on this with anything new you find out 👍

by martin mccloy 3 months ago

I'm going to try and research this also, will stay in touch with your channel. I hope something happens here in Indonesia... have a feeling this isn't the end for what's about to happen with the ufo subject this year.

by Gravity Stu 3 months ago

Unfortunately the aliens had info on Hillary Clinton's server.. so they ended up committing suicide with two gunshot wounds in the back of the head

by Jm M 3 months ago

I saw someone say the cool one where they did the circle was actually a drone video from like Mexico I think

by butters withefro 3 months ago

I wish I could see this where I live and I had a paramotor. I would start it up and record with my iPhone and fly close to it. I wouldn't gaf

by aaaaaaaaaaaa1111a 3 months ago

I've just seen 5 objects flying over york passing through clouds at speed,no sound,5 very dull lights almost covert in nature,could be drones I guess

by Timmy L 3 months ago

See Linds Moulton Howes show from Wed., May 28 for this story!

by PAW 3 months ago

I'm sure by now u have seen the story that LMH on her Earthfiles YouTube Channel posted with what sounds like Military and or Emergency dispatch regarding this event, translated from Portuguese to English. More questions than answers remain ..as usual. ALSO. a few days after this incident there was another reported crash in Argentina.. speculation of course that these ships are coming up from Antarctica and being shot down by our space force...also corresponding deaths of high rank US airforce personnel last week!.no idea but the possibilities are endless..!

by Cynthia Kluth 3 months ago

good quality video are taken down

by coldogno7 3 months ago

cant believe how ridiculous it is to get any info on this. reddit was going crazy. they keep deleting stuff.

by augustine mosqueda 3 months ago

this is a real incident and its been videotaped so many so many videos its crazy how many witnesses there is

by Remi Remz 3 months ago

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