indian supreme court takes unique decision about modi after ladakh mal

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Pakistan Army Zindabaad.
ISI Zindabaad.
Pakistan Paindabaad.

by Muhammad Tariq 3 weeks ago

Pakistan zindabad
Pakistan army paindabad
Pakistan's top agency isi blessing him Allah

by Nazar Hussain 3 weeks ago

Kyon jhoot bolte ho bhai ,doosra kuch kaam nahi hai. Kyon apne aamaal me jhoot likhwa rahe ho Allah ke paas hisaab dena hai, sambhal jao.

by Gulam Gouse 3 weeks ago

Indians very deliberately initiated a strategic initiative of abrogation of Sections 370 notwithstanding UN Security Council Resolutions, in August 2019. Perhaps, US persuaded and backed Modi. Later Modi saw it an opportunity with a view to threaten CPEC passing near Laddakh, started a media blitz to interdict and stop it at all costs.
It was with plan in mind, roads and military air base were built in areas where an understanding of no development of any military infrastructure between China & India existed.
Having grossly violated mutually agreed terms, India sent serious threats of attacking Gilgit Baltistan via Karakaram Pass that is about 8 km from KKH coming from China in Pakistan.
Once Chinese were sure of US India Conspiracy to interdict CPEC and military forces building up in Laddakh area, China reacted and only preoccupied her own area in Laddakh and Golwan Valley.
This is what Modi said, that Chinese have not captured an inch of Indian land.
If China has done aggression and occupied Indian territory, India should approach UNO.
But India can't do this as China has not violated sovereignty of India.
And if she still thinks China has ingressed, she can reach out to UNO for help. Why risking a unmatched war with an over whelmingly superior military power.
Because, US is pushing India to war with China with very naferious design.
However, Indians game has been lost for ever in the region regardless of American military help or not.
Because, China has pre-empted and defeated them in time and space undermining very design of battle prematurely. Assembly and concentration of superior military forces at the point of decision forces the enemy to fight at a place of tactical disadvantage and suffer disproportionate casualties and material losses.
I don't understand why Modi government is running around begging for military purchases from Russia and France?
Induction of new weapons take long time for training and matured conceptualization for appropriate and meaningful application of force in war.
Does India think to compete cutting edge technology of 5th & 6th Generation Weaponry of PLA with 2nd, 3rd, and 4the generation weapons?
Indians made the biggest blunder of their history and resurrected a hither to, dormant enemy who grabbed them with stunning speed, agility and grand strategic surprise.
Indians must make peace and start a new beginning of co-existence. Otherwise Chinese will skin them alive by only crippling their economic well being without firing a bullet.

by Muhammad Tariq 3 weeks ago

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