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4th of July - 928

LA Freeway run in my 78-928 porsche

Magnus Walker photo 1 4th of July - 928 Magnus Walker photo 2 4th of July - 928 Magnus Walker photo 3 4th of July - 928 Magnus Walker photo 4 4th of July - 928

So cool... especially with their pop up head lights! Thanks for the video! VERY COOL!!! 👍

by Joe Ramos 3 weeks ago

Don't ordinarily care about fireworks but this perspective makes it quite interesting.

by Dudley 3 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing...........Looks like fun whipping around LA and taking the 928 through all the gears.

by MrCuckoobox 3 weeks ago

Awesome brother keep up the great work my dad and i are huge fans. car sounds great btw

by Fuston Powell R53 3 weeks ago

LOVE This!!! Very cool!😎 thank you for posting Magus. 👍

by Chris Farnworth 3 weeks ago

After watching that ... i am taking mine out for a drive. Wonderful car they are.

by Jim D 3 weeks ago

Great under appreciated car. Excellent video.

by Trance 9 3 weeks ago

Unbelievable. Hella smoky. Too bad, I reckon. Good footage though. Thanks dude. Oh shit, looking forward to the bridge update!

by RAH ! 3 weeks ago

us LA folks love those illegal fireworks HAHA

by Will C 3 weeks ago

What’s better, his driving or the fireworks?

by Lee Johnson 3 weeks ago

Good on ya, MW. HAPPY 53rd bday this year.

by Desert Duck 3 weeks ago

Best Magnus Walker video is Sung Kang Canyon run !
But good video ,cause I like night photograph !

by MindDezign 2 weeks ago

Seems to be a hard driver.......

by TT-RS 3 weeks ago

ey super vidéo magnus merci mec passe un bon week-end frère

by J GUERRIER 3 weeks ago

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