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Lil Tjay - Zoo York (feat. Fivio Foreign & Pop Smoke) [Official Video]

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Official video for "Zoo York" by Lil Tjay featuring Fivio Foreign & Pop Smoke.
Listen & Download 'State Of Emergency' by out now: https://LilTjay.lnk.to/StateOfEmergency
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Produced by Bordeaux & Non Native
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Lil Tjay photo 1 Lil Tjay - Zoo York... Lil Tjay photo 2 Lil Tjay - Zoo York... Lil Tjay photo 3 Lil Tjay - Zoo York... Lil Tjay photo 4 Lil Tjay - Zoo York...

Pop would’ve turned the vid into a MOVIE. REST IN PEACE YOUNG BASHAR

by Diamond 3 days ago

i’m so glad this song is one place higher on trending than that Ariana and justin bieber shi all the white girls are talking ab

by Jonathan Chavez 1 day ago

If only pop smoke was still alive to see how this turned out rise high pop smoke🥰🥺

by noobtayz 1 day ago

Us newbies are so much into Pop Smoke, it’s so hard to believe he’s dead

by Edward YT 1 day ago

I’m not gone lie who ever shot this vid go crazy 💯

by Jblixky 23 3 days ago

It’s a shame Pop Smoke is not here. A life cut too short. This song bops!

by A P 1 day ago

- When his clips started showing up to his part, long live the woo, protect the ones left🤞🏾💫💙!!!.

by Janeee F 1 day ago

Im from Detroit but this song got me feeling like im from Zoo York

by ILLUMINATION313 EVO 1 day ago

Social distancing: exists Lil tjay: we don’t do that here

by mnika voli 1 day ago

Imagine the king of the zoo being a rat

by Nelayn 17 hours ago

Other rapers: pulls out regular guns
Lil t jay: pulls out flame thrower

by Joe Blow 1 day ago

I don't usually listen to rap but this song is definitely an exception

by Kennith Nguyen 1 day ago

i read the title as “lil tay” and i got so scared-

by Lauren Kim 1 day ago

"I make it rain on who ever . i make it rain , that WOO weather "

by Anurag Anandarajah 3 days ago

This doesn’t really look like social distancing 😂!

by TrisTão 1 day ago

Tjay really be killing these Drill beats huh

by WavyHumxa- YT 1 day ago

“SEND ME THE ADDY IM HUNTIN EM DOWN” hard💯. This song hard

by OHB DREE 1 day ago

I miss hearing his voice R.I.P pop

by Rin Gamez 1 day ago

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