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Lil Tjay, J.I the Prince of N.Y - My City (Official Audio)

liltjayVEVO photo 1 Lil Tjay, J.I the Prince... liltjayVEVO photo 2 Lil Tjay, J.I the Prince... liltjayVEVO photo 3 Lil Tjay, J.I the Prince... liltjayVEVO photo 4 Lil Tjay, J.I the Prince...

Whoever’s idea it was to move the comment section needs to go to jail.

by Jenniah 3 months ago

Moment of silence for everyone who died in this horrible year🙏🏿✊🏿😭

by YNWB Quii 3 months ago

lil tjay : "every night there's a murder in my city"
Everyone : "RIP"
J.i : “this casket big enough so all y’all can die”

by a.a 3 months ago

Idc J.I. straight bodied this🥵 “this casket big enough so all y’all can die😫”

by BMK Squad 3 months ago

“We ain’t go to school cause I’m the streets we learned intelligence “ 👀👌🏾

by ChrissNonstop 2 months ago

I love how tjay and ji collaberated instead of beefing as being both from new york

by Rap Philosophy 3 months ago

Who the prince of NY Like For Tjay: Comment for J.I

by kidJAY 3 months ago

J.I. the next generations leader ! Especially as far as NY music goes 🗽🔥🦾

by MoonFlowerTV 3 months ago

J.I bodied this verse odee but idk about that one line you know what i’m talking about

by neohugh beats 3 months ago

Tjay, J.I and Lil Durk blessed us today 08.05.2020

by Demon Dappz 3 months ago

Every thing tjay does is for Smelly No Cap🙏🏾🚀🚀💯😣

by ‘Keem 3 months ago

Love how people comment fire without listening to the song lmao

by Void 3 months ago

This is Lil Tjay's most underrated song

by BAMF Prodigy 1 month ago

I respect Tjay heavily. He retaliates to 6ix9ine by not holding back and releasing his new music video for his amazing song with Pop Smoke, Zoo York.

Then to counteract the hate he’s blasting his new song on his mixtape ‘My City’, wowww Lil Tjay is a genius you know and I respect him heavily for all this. Also his mixtape bangs!!

by Kemi116 3 months ago

"we don't go to school because in these streets we gain intelligence"

by Isatou BOGANG 2 months ago

We didnt go school becuse in the streets we gain intelligence bigfax

by A 3 months ago

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