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Lil Durk - Triflin Hoes (Official Audio)

Lil Durk photo 1 Lil Durk - Triflin Hoes... Lil Durk photo 2 Lil Durk - Triflin Hoes... Lil Durk photo 3 Lil Durk - Triflin Hoes... Lil Durk photo 4 Lil Durk - Triflin Hoes...

just cause y'all waited...

by Lil Durk 4 months ago

U know it’s a banger when it got the word hoes in it💯💯

by Luljerm Ballout 4 months ago

My guy was laughing thru the whole 2nd verse lmao goat

by BIG BILL 4 months ago

Weirdo Hoes Pt.2???😣🔥🔥

by NSA JJ 4 months ago

“India don’t get mad but listen to this” 😂

by nina nacole 4 months ago

yoooo those whistles 😂🔥

by account 4 months ago

"You think you bougie, but you bougie for the internet"

by Caroline Eve 4 months ago

This that wave short hair durk flow 🥶

by Kyrie Gomez 4 months ago

This song speaking to anyone else?

by J Lantz 4 months ago

Durk Say “I’ll Do You Dirty Have You Knocking @ Yo Ex Door” That Man Went Nutssss🚦🥰🥰🥰

by Kyrah Amoura 4 months ago

This the durk we was waiting on💯..

by Jyrell Thomas 4 months ago

Already slaps and ain’t even dropped yet

by brando racks 4 months ago

Patiently waiting on No Auto with Metro

by Byan Johnson 4 months ago


by AmeerahN Holden 4 months ago

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by LaShay Goines Macon 4 months ago

Weirdo hoes Part 2, only lil durk fan knows💯❤️🤞🏽

by ReinSap 4 months ago

Had to replay this song before it even finished 🔥

by AAA ZZZ 4 months ago

Durk always spitting them facts💯❌🧢

by Tyler Minor 4 months ago

Durk Never Stop Impressing Us😣🔥🔥

by NSA JJ 4 months ago

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