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Letter from neighbors condemns Central West End couple

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ST. LOUIS — A group of more than three dozen people who live in the private neighborhood where a couple brandished guns at protesters Sunday night released an open letter Wednesday condemning the couple.

Sunday night, video of homeowners Mark and Patricia McCloskey brandishing guns at protesters in front of their Portland Place home spread widely on social media.

In multiple interviews, Mark McCloskey said he and his wife feared for their lives and that the group broke down the gate to the private neighborhood. Protest organizers said they did not break the gate and that the McCloskeys had no reason to be fearful.

Couple who brandished guns at protesters say they were victims of 'terrorism'

Protest organizers say there was no reason for homeowners to come outside with guns

Video shows gate was intact when St. Louis couple pointed guns at protesters

Couple points guns at protesters marching in Central West End to call for Mayor Krewson to resign

An open letter from the neighbors of Westmoreland Place and its adjoining street, Portland Place, said the actions of the couple Sunday night did not represent their historic neighborhood.

One of the neighbors who signed the letter confirmed Thursday that the letter was authentic.

"Some of us choose to speak up following the horrific event that transpired on Sunday evening near our homes. As the undersigned, we condemn the behavior of anyone who uses threats of violence, especially through the brandishing of firearms, to disrupt peaceful protest, whether it be in this neighborhood or anywhere in the United States," the letter reads.

The letter, which is signed by 38 people from 24 different households, says they chose to live in the neighborhood in part because of the "sincerity, empathy and neighborliness" most of the residents show.

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Maybe they broke down the gate with a 6 foot 200 pound key. We just don’t know.

by sc666666 2 months ago

The McCloskey’s were already told by the authorities that the police would not be able to help them.

by aMUSEher 1 month ago

Peaceful protesters don't threaten to kill you and your dog or burn your house down! It is not against the law to carry a gun on your own property!

by Michael C 2 months ago

Who is this bone head neighbor in the video spewing insane reasoning? Shame on him! If anybody came on my property knowing of the recent destruction of “protestors”, I’d get my guns out too.

by Mr. Seapig 2 months ago

People have gone nuts. Really??? You would think these rich people are educated and more open minded than the general population. They didnt break community gate, the broke the couple's personal entrance gate to their home and then enter into their personal property. Did I get that wrong?

by anonymous anonymous 2 months ago

Well now I know they probably have the best house in the neighborhood 😂

by ARIES9327 2 months ago

That’s crap don’t live in a glass house everyone threatened has right to defend

by Judy Middleswart 1 month ago

Off topic, but wow that’s a nice house.

by T S 2 months ago

The law is the ultimate authority over politics and agenda. FOLLOW IT!!!

by rjtheripper931 2 months ago

Peaceful protests don't include breaking and entering, criminal trespass, and threats of violence from the mob. This guy at that time stamp is evil, stupid, or both.

by benjovi55 2 months ago

at "One would say, in that situation, if threatened, go inside, lock your doors, and call the police." -and wait for them to cement your door and throw a molotov cocktail through your window.
Don't worry. It'll all work out.

by Brian Friesen 3 weeks ago

Oh good, our neighbors think their opinions matter.

by Bob Bobbington 2 months ago

Now looters and rioters have more rights and protection than homeowners. Disgraceful.

by P Dales 2 months ago

Can’t be racist if you’re dead!

by T S 2 months ago

The neighbors are scared of being next 🤣🤣

by Harvdigity 2 months ago


by A B 2 months ago

The police said they weren’t coming and this mob threaten to take over their home, kill their dog what are they supposed to do just allow it to happen. These people that wrote this letter didn’t see the news about this incident? The police said they wouldn’t come, the gate was bent in half and the lock broken. I saw it on news and I live in LA not on the next street. I think it’s disgraceful to turn against your neighbor without the facts! What peaceful protester breaks a gate in half and breaks the lock and walks on private property? What is wrong with this man first look at the video before writing a letter. People like this man and those who signed the letter are what’s wrong with our country. They take sides before they know the truth or maybe the truth just doesn’t matter to them.

by Elizabeth Gray 2 months ago

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