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Charges filed against Mark and Patricia McCloskey

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The Central West End couple seen pointing guns at protesters in late June have been charged each with one count of Unlawful Use of a Weapon - Flourishing.

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KMOV St. Louis photo 1 Charges filed against Mark and... KMOV St. Louis photo 2 Charges filed against Mark and... KMOV St. Louis photo 3 Charges filed against Mark and... KMOV St. Louis photo 4 Charges filed against Mark and...

Only Fox shows the picture of the broken iron gate. “Peaceful” protestors invaded McCloskey’s property by breaking into the iron gate and trespassed the personal property.

by B Laws 2 months ago

Those people went looking for trouble. I am so done with those damn " protesters". Mean while we have a pandemic and those protesters don't care if they are helping spread Covid. ALL LIVES MATTER

by Sol Herrera 2 months ago

Maybe she would think different if mob was on kim gardner lawn making threats.

by Jason Lueger 2 months ago

You can riot, loot, write graffiti and take over city blocks and not get prosecuted, but protect your property? Something is upside down here.

by Bob Gilbert 2 months ago

The wicked takes secret bribes to pervert justice. Kim Repent!

by Miles Littlejohn 2 months ago

In Texas they'd have been shot and nobody would care because EVERYONE knows not to break into a gated property in Texas.

by John Irby 2 months ago

if that happens to me, I’ll empty a few magazines into mob, collect phones, burn the bodies

by The Rockabillys 2 months ago

Our problems are the politicians. That's where this all starts and that's where this ends. The other problem is with media sites that portrayed these two individuals in a light other than they were protecting their home. Look at the politicians and look at your media. Fix those two problems and most of these problems will go away. Because then, thpis bullying movement that started has no support anymore.

by Sparky Sparky 2 months ago

Non violent protest. Yes every time I peacefully protest, I break down a private gate and threaten to kill people and burn down their house. They should sue for wrongful prosecution and by what right did they confiscate a legally owned firearm?

by Bruce Day 2 months ago

Hey! Why are all of the top tier businesses all leaving Stl now? Any clue??

by Kimberyote3 2 months ago

St Louis Circuit Attorney, doing the bidding of George SOROS, traitor to the Constitutional rights of the citizens. St Louis under Tyrannical rule, when do you plan to replace the American flag over the courthouse with the flag of Communist China?

by DIfreighter watcher 2 months ago

Well the experiment is finished we now know what happens when you take a primate and make it a prosecutor learn something new every day huh

by Super Trump 2 months ago

When someone breaks into your yard they are not "peaceful protesting" .

by Zen Trozzi 2 months ago

This is just proof, how the circuit prosecutor shows favoritism or partiality. In other words this prevents justice.

1) Hundreds of “peaceful” protestors broke down a gate leading to private property.
Destruction of property.
2) trespassing on private property.

2nd amendment the right bear arms and defend your property.

Antifa: cut fund from police. We don’t need police.
Which means the citizens have to police themselves.
-Mccloskeys police themselves.

Antifa: they broke the law.

by Warrior Knight 2 months ago

I got an idea how about we go break into the protesters houses and their property and do the same to them

by Duane White 2 months ago

Why bother if they are going to be pardoned? I’d love to ask her what she would have done if a bunch of vandals came to destroy her house. Somehow I doubt she’d bake them cookies.

by Yort Semloh 2 months ago

There is nothing wrong with what this couple did. They have a right to keep weapons in their house. All they wanted was to be left out of the protests and not be disturber. I would have done the same thing.

by Ramesh Hansa Ravendra 2 months ago

Enjoy your top quality legal system.

by user 38 2 months ago

Well, Incorruptus deleted his posts and all my comments. So, if he is still on board, here is my response to his last post:

It seems obvious to me that the Circuit Prosecutor, Kim Gardner, is not interested in whether the protesters were intimidated, feared, or were harmed, which they declare they were not, by the McCloskey's guarding of their home.

Nor does it matter to the prosecutor that no one was harmed, and the protesters, after being EVICTED from this gated neighborhood, eventually did find their way to the Mayor's house.

All she is interested in is that the crowd be allowed unfettered access to protest anywhere, and in any manner they please, without reprocussions.
Incorruptus said; "I believe ground/castle doctrine is used and only in effect, when refuge is sought in the house"

You are giving examples of the era sans (since you like french) Castle Doctrine.

Here is the extreme extent of the Castle Doctrine: If you see someone stealing from your backyard shed, and he escapes with your belongings, RUNNING DOWN A PUBLIC ROAD, you can use deadly force and shoot him in the back. And no charges will be filed

by mark9531 2 months ago

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