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Stores offer senior only shopping hours to help elders avoid large crowds

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Stores like Food Town and Dollar General are stepping up to help seniors avoid large crowds during the coronavirus pandemic.

KHOU 11 photo 1 Stores offer senior only shopping... KHOU 11 photo 2 Stores offer senior only shopping... KHOU 11 photo 3 Stores offer senior only shopping... KHOU 11 photo 4 Stores offer senior only shopping...

This is what they need. People keep forgetting that they are still around. This is such a blessing. 😊

by LiChang Portillo 2 months ago


by Pretty Woman 1 month ago

Boomers mocked the virus all last month, now they want their own hours. LOL

by Funguspower2 1 month ago

Don't get how this works? There is no crowd where I'm @. Most ppl order their groceries via phone or computer and only allowed a few customers in at a time; so far there is no big crowd gathered at the grocery store.

by Blue Sky 1 month ago

As the laws are written, this is age discrimination.

by Chris 1 month ago

1 idiot without any senior loved ones to protect disliked this! smdh...

by Betsy Collins 1 month ago

If the extra hour is early morning then their free bus passes won't work.

by Lisa Pincott 1 month ago

There some shortages. Some limits BUT the food is getting thought. 90% of things are there for people.

by TOSStarTrek 2 months ago

Some parts of Canada are doing this as well. I think is much needed. We are sadly now living in a world that is all me me me.

by Annette Melnychuk 1 month ago

What age are they considered senior citizens

by Flat Top 2 months ago

Why do people buy WATER?
A quality filter on your home faucet will give you better water a lot cheaper, AND it won't create tons of plastic waste.

by davehshs 2 months ago

Does not work, people do not care, its not them who will perish. Today in Kendal it was just like a normal day with every age group in there. Sign on the door saying it was seniors shopping time was patheticly small, no one on the door saying that it was a special shopping time for senior citizens. Maybe the young are getting back at the elderly for voting for brexit. God forbid YOUR Granny would be in the food queue before you ! You selfish rubbish people.

by bearkins7 1 month ago

500 SENILE seniors PACK the entrance to the store BEFORE it opens. They DESERVE COVID-19.

by M Detlef 1 month ago

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