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Pop Up Up'n Down Headlights FULL TRACK | Donut Media X James Pumphrey

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New song on Spotify!
free download: https://bit.ly/2UyUVnq
Here's an extended version of the Pop Up Up'n Down Headlights song by James from Donut Media which he hilariously sang in the Pontiac Fiero Up To Speed video. I saw that a lot of people wanted to hear more, so I thought I'd make a little extended/remix type thing of it, hope you enjoy haha. Please all subscribe to Donut Media if you were not already.
To see the up to speed video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4N_msrwGjM&t=323s
Credits, Hosted by James Pumphrey.
Edited by Colby Mann.
Animation by Raghav Arumugam.
Written by Nolan Sykes.
Directed by Jesse Wood.
[Jay Waver]

#pontiac fiero #james #jamespumphrey #donutmedia #pumphrey #up #Media

JCW Media photo 1 Pop Up Up'n Down Headlights... JCW Media photo 2 Pop Up Up'n Down Headlights... JCW Media photo 3 Pop Up Up'n Down Headlights... JCW Media photo 4 Pop Up Up'n Down Headlights...

Free download is up top in the discription. link directs you directly to Dropbox!

by JCW Media 1 year ago

Yooooo, slapper remix broh 💪

by Donut Media 10 months ago

Parents: Why do you want a Miata as your first car??

Me, an intellectual:

by Johannes He. 4 months ago

The song you didn’t know you needed in your life

by Marty Motoring 1 year ago

Lil dicky:”we love the earth”
Justin beiber: “is it to late now to say sorry”
James pumphry:”POP UP, UP AND DOWN HEADLIGHTS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Dankest Boi 1 year ago

POP UP UP AND DOWN HEADLIGHTS!! I can't stop singing this.

by Blackwind 1 year ago

this absolute madlad made record scrath noises from a burnout, nuff said

by ZBlocks 1 year ago

My first car was a 1991 Dodge Daytona with...


by M2C1 1 year ago

Car noobs: why is ur car’s “headlights” so small?
Me: an car guy: some things are hidden. It has POP POP POP POP POP UP AND DOWN HEADLIGHTS

by BMW M5 3 months ago

Waiting for the vtec remix

by markuks 1 year ago

you deserve to be recognized by Donut Media for making this wonderful, amazing extended mix!


by Zaverx 1 year ago

Need to do an Up to Speed on
Pop up -up and down

by Pierce Carter 1 year ago

If you’re from H town and need the chopped and screwed version, set speed to 0.75x

by Pelon Jones 1 year ago

who else came from fiero’s video and read this legend’s comment and came here? LOL

by Edwin Christian Daniel 1 year ago

"Shut up and take my money"

by Stanceyzz 1 year ago

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